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Nexy's Nirvana Guide (2/3rds Complete)!

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Nexy's Nirvana Guide

Part 1 has how to get there, and the first 3 bosses!

Part 2 has the next 6 bosses, there are only 2 rooms, but you can random any of the 3 bosses for each room!

Coming (hopefully) soon:

- Part 3, the next 4 bosses

- 99 Keys Guide

- Additional information (Ampability ect)

This one was requested enough that i'm only doing this now for that reason, this will be updated with each specific boss' info and tactics once my other two guides are done! Also this is not a guide for Caster Nirvana as I donot do caster on my casters or otherwise!

Nirvana is an instance where you fight a series of bosses to help the Mysterious Old Man get to the Vanished Ancestor then kill the Vanished Ancestor (because he is evil). Also I do know what happens in vana I just dont want to ruin it!). *whispers* the Vanished Ancestor kills Dumbledor!

First thing you need when you go to Nirvana is a [Nirvana Palace Key], which are obtainable from the daily from the Mysterious Old Man (you get three), and from the God's Giving for 525k each.

Secondly you need to find a squad mate, it takes 2 to begin Nirvana! Once you have your keys and your squad head to the entrance, the cheapest way is to teleport to Raging Tides then to Camp Wave Breaker (slightly north of the city).

As soon as you reach the entrance you need to talk to the guard, the will teleport you in, the two NPC's in there, Priest for Caster Nirvana, Old Man for regular, give quests, you MUST wait for all members to be inside to begin the instance OR YOU WILL WASTE YOUR KEY.

Once you have begun you must kill the first boss Inferno Soverign, his guide will be first, then once he is dead repeat this with the other bosses, Noxious, Vampire, One of Three Demonic, One of Three in the blood room and one of three in the Chamber of Rebirth. For Demonic/Blood/Rebirth there is a pool of three bosses that it picks from. Once you finish chamber of rebirth run to the Adjacent room and talk to the Mysterious Old Man, if you want to know what happens to him read the quest!

Kill the Vanished Ancestor and he drops 10 rapture crystals, Hurray you have finished!!!

Each boss before the Ancestor drops 2-3 chests of differing types. Dim has a 35% chance for an uncanny, Bronze 50%, silver 60%, gold 75%.

Nirvana - Evil Mind or 99 Keys run is where you get 100 keys (52.5m) and trade 99 of them to the Mysterious Old Man IN RAGING TIDES! You then enter Nirvana with your 100th key. You MUST be there when each boss dies, or you WILL miss out on finishing the quest! Once a room is finished talk to the Old Man and pick the RED QUEST FIRST once Vampire Soverign is dead you don't have to do any more talking till you kill the Vanished Ancestor. Once the Ancestor dies you must talk to the Elder that appears, he will spawn you a SOLOABLE boss, I recomend you solo it or make an agreement that the 99 keyer keeps the 4~6 Raps the boss drops, kill it for its raptures then teleport out, once you are out talk to the Raging Tides Elder, he will give you 10 Uncanny Crystals. Well done you have finished 99 Keys Nirvana (which uses 100 keys).

Boss Info Comming Soon
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Thanks Zapp, less of a wall of text :D


Room 1
Inferno Soverign
This boss does massive single-target mana drain at range, melee physical damage and AoE seal. Blue circles appear on the floor and cause 5001 damage to anyone caught in them when they explode. They may overlap. For example, 2 traps overlapping could cause 5001+5001 damage. Extreme poison, curse, and amplify damage are effective.

Turn on effects to full in order to see the blue circle traps. Have someone, preferably an archer or BM, run in and hit the boss to tank it and take aggro. Once the boss is hit, stone gargoyles appear in a circular pattern around the center of the room. Everyone including the tank should then focus on destroying the gargoyles while avoiding the blue circles on the floor. Once the gargoyles are destroyed, attack the boss while avoiding the blue circle traps.

Room 2
Noxious Soverign
Fairly easy boss. It does poison damage at melee and at range and physical melee damage. It also buffs its physical and magical defenses significantly. Extreme poison, curse, and amplify damage are ineffective.

Melee or range tank would do; whoever does the most damage. Cleric should be ready to purify once in a while to decrease the stacking poison damage. When the Mysterious old man talks (red text), the boss will buff itself. Purge it or killing this boss will be longer than necessary and cost the cleric a few mana more than needed.

In an APS squad, the cleric don't have to purify: the players can purify themself with the demon/sage spark.

Room 3
Vampiric Soverign
 This is a timed boss. If you do not kill it fast enough it will wipe out your whole squad in one hit. It does massive squad-mana drain. Extreme poison, curse, and amplify damage are effective.

 Get your sparks ready. Hit the boss with a range skill and pull it back. Once hit, six Reaper Foxes appear (that is the reason you hit it with a range skill and pull it back, so that only the boss will be pulled without pulling the foxes). Like the first boss, the six foxes need to be killed first before this boss can actually take damage. The time of death of each fox must be as close to the other foxes as possible. If even one fox survives several seconds after the other five die, the other five will respawn at full health. Use your AoEs. I would advise against using single attacks to be safe. There are many ways to kill the Reaper Foxes. Some ways that have been done are:

1) Everyone on the boss. Wizard or archer with hp pots and maybe Tree of Protection genie skill runs into the middle of the mobs and start their AoE in such a way that all the foxes are hit, while potting to make sure they survive.
2) Hercules on the boss. Everyone else stand in the middle of the foxes and AoE them. Barb finishes off at around 60% fox health with an Armageddon
3) The BM runs across the mobs and pulls them to one side in such a way that they bunch up then uses Heaven's Flame and bramble rage (genie skill). This is probably the most popular method.

The boss will occasionally AoE mana drain everyone. Nice to have low level MP posts handy especially if you do not have an mp charm on. Red text from the Mysterious old man talking signals the start of the AoE mana drain. Sparking works. Kill the boss quickly before she wipes out your squad!!

Room 4
Demonic Dictator
It looks like the Machinoslitt world boss. It does melee physical attack and ranged lightning attack. Later on, at around 25% hp, it will do wide range AoE metal attacks. Extreme poison, curse, and amplify damage are ineffective.

Once tanked, 2 types of monsters occasionally appear next to party members - Whitefeather Golems and Darkwing Corpses, so all members should stay close to each other. Someone, preferably an archer because of no channeling, should be assigned to kill Darkwing corpses as they appear. If you do not kill them within a few seconds, they will explode and cause 5001 damage to each squad member. The designated person should just tab through until a Darkwing Corpe appears then hit the attack button. Do not kill the Whitefeather Golems. Killing them causes them to explode and deal 5001 damage to squad members. At around 25% of boss hp, the tyrant will start AoE metal attacks. The cleric should then do AoE heals. Continue killing Darkwing Corpses and healing after AoE metal attacks until the boss is dead.

Demonic Tyrant
This boss looks like a centaur wielding an axe. It deals melee physical damage, and very massive medium-range and multiple AoE physical damage when it goes into a non-purge-able frenzy. Extreme poison, curse, and amplify damage are effective.

Someone with decent physical resistance should tank this with a skillful cleric. Pull the boss to one side wall of the room and tank it there. When red text appears, quickly run to the opposite wall of the room while the boss becomes static and does its frenzy attacks. After that the boss will run towards the tank. Repeat this tactic until the boss is dead. Extreme poison, curse, and amplify damage are effective.

Demonic Soverign
This mace wielding boss does melee physical damage, casts physical weakness and AoE stun.
Tank the boss and have the squad stay together. Occasionally 2 Shadowmetal Ghouls appear that do melee physical. That is the reason to have members stay together so that it will be easier to use AoE attacks on them. Continue attacking until the boss is dead.

Room 5
Ashura Tyrant
A relatively straight kill. Tank it. Kill it. Yellow polygonal traps form on the ground and rocks drop from the ceiling. Both of these are relatively weak and therefore not worth dodging. Just have AoE heals and destroy it. Extreme poison, curse, and amplify damage are effective.

Ashura Dictator
It does melee physical damage. Cleric should be ready to purify. Three Ashura Bloodserpents spawn occasionally and slither towards one member of the party. BM should AoE as soon as they appear. Each bloodserpent that reaches their target does massive poison DoT. Purify these ASAP. Sometimes when they die, their bodies explode in a purple cloud of poison. Step away from these quickly or you will suffer poison DoT. Purify as needed. Extreme poison, curse, and amplify damage are ineffective.

In an APS squad, AoEing the snakes is a big no-no:
• The players can purify themself with the demon/sage spark.
• The explosion of some snakes can cause a partywipe.

Ashura Soverign
This is a pretty strong boss. He does melee physical damage, casts stun, physical weakness, and bleeds. He also has a speed buff and random aggros. Attack the boss and finish it off as soon as possible. A tank with high physical defense and/or hp, with alpha male is good for this. Use alpha male when it randomly aggroes the cleric. Clerics should be utilizing their defensive skills and invulnerability accessories as needed. Extreme poison, curse, and amplify damage are effective.

He also has a buff that gives him a major form of strength of the titans, with this he can 1 hit anything. If he gets this, it's best for squad to run in separate directions until the buff goes away. However, this can be interupted by a barb using alacrity of the beast or a bm using shadowless kick. A level 10 earthquake skill from a genie would also work.

Room 6
Arbiter of Flame
The easiest boss in this stage. This does physical melee and ranged fire attacks on tanks. It also has a 49% hp reduction skill and sets firebombs at the feet of your squad members. Watch common chat for clues what his next attack is.

Ranged or melee tanker with enough hp and defense stats will do. Stand apart from each other. Once tanked watch that boss talking in common chat in yellow text to know what special moves it will do so you can act accordingly:

"You will be purged in the celestial flame!" This causes 49% HP damage to the squad. Party heal your squad.
"The flames of heaven will consume you and burn a cleansing fire across the world!" sets fire traps where squad members are that explode and deal massive damage. Move away from them. Standing apart from each other prevents damage stacking from more than one fire bomb.

Extreme poison, curse, and amplify damage are effective.

Goldwing Phoenix (KFC)
High damage dealers make this easier. A small phoenix is waiting for you when you enter. When you get its HP down to 50% it will evolve to a larger version. It does melee physical and ranged fire attacks. When you see red text in common chat, fire traps will spawn where some squad members are. Move away from them fast. These traps are permanent. The longer you take to kill the boss, the more traps there will be in the room. If your squad wipes out, the number of traps so far will remain. Have the tank move around the room so that he/she and the other squad members are out of the fires and have an escape route. Extreme poison, curse, and amplify damage are ineffective.

Ashura Netherqueen
This stage requires some awareness and quick responses and keeping an eye on the common chat and minimap, and Holy Path as a genie skill. Tank the boss with all your party members in the middle of the pentagram. When you see red text, watch the minimap for an NPC to spawn and run quickly to that NPC (another Mysterious Old Man standing on a red circle), while avoiding the fox that spawns. Netherqueen will cast a one-shot AoE that kills anyone that has not reached that NPC. Kill the fox spawn then attack the boss. Continue this pattern until the boss is dead.

Room 7
Vanished Ancestor
- Assign a tanker
- Assign a runner to collect open (by attacking) the chests containing elemental seals

1. Stay close to each other. After a few minutes, an elemental monster appears next to one of your party members. These monsters explode in about 30 seconds, causing a party wipe. Identify the element type then seek the appropriate chest from the table below to obtain the correct seal against the elemental monster.

Stand next to the elemental monster and right click the seal in your inventory. DO NOT accidentally use the seal on the Vanished Ancestor

For example: Prima Wood appears => Find the Pure Gold Chest to obtain the Wood Chop Seal.

2. Repeat this until the Vanished ancestor is dead

Using the Seal
To use the seal, whoever gets it in his/her inventory must go close to the Elemental monster, target it then double-click or right-click the seal from the inventory. DO NOT ACCIDENTALLY USE THE SEAL ON THE VANISHED ANCESTOR

Elemental Monster                             Chest                        Seal
Prima Wood (Wood Type)         Pure Gold Chest           Wood Chop
Secundo Fire (Fire Type)         Water Flood Chest          Fire Proof
Terzo Earth (Earth Type)          Hard Wood Chest         Earth Break
Quarto Metal (Metal Type)        Blazing Fire Chest          Metal Smelt
Quinto Water (Water Type)      Thick Earth Chest        Water Resist

99 Keys
Enchanted Ancestor
Otherwise known as the 99 keys boss.
He drops 4~6 Rapture Crystal and gives 10 Uncanny Crystal via quest.
He does an AoE attack and ocassionally stuns. Other than that, he is very simple and the only hard part is his HP.
He does not reset aggro or seal like the others.
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Just reposting Epica's first post so i remember to change these

"which are obtainable from the daily from the Mysterious Old Man"

might wanna replace "from the daily" by "daily"

"you MUST wait for all members to be inside to begin the instance OR YOU WILL WASTE YOUR KEY."

ppl need to wait for all members to have the Nirvana Talisman in their inventory.

"the 99 keyer keeps the 4~6 Raps the boss drops"

special boss drops 5 raps, no random drops (afaik but i'll confirm gimme a minute)

keep it up Nexy

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Nice guide buddy

Events won: 10.
5 Gms event,5NH event,
Events lost: 0

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Thanks, I cant exactly yet claim credit for most of it though haha, i will update it to suit epw soon, and epica contributed too!

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An update on the guide!
I'm currently planning to replace this guide with a video guide in the next few weeks! Possibly by the end of this week, depending on how much footage I take and how much editing I have to do!

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All except 6 bosses have been filmed :)

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Guide Overhall coming soon, first video up!
Need to get the last 2 (and rarest 2) random spawned vana bosses before i can get part 2/3 up!