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Winners of recent contest:
Diabollic: prize
xXDollFaceXx: prize


Bust Shots: 100EC (you can pay more if you wish.) per character.
(If you want something other than a bust drawing then we can discuss it, I hardly will ever reject it.
But by default I will draw a bust shot unless told otherwise

This is a first come first serve bases, and time may vary I can be a very busy mother. (first payment first served)

Important Payment Notice: Payment will be half up front before the artwork, and half after I have uploaded/sent the artwork to you.

1.) Shadowcide [still working on 2 requests]
2.) Basilisk

4.) ZenD (waiting on response)

1.) Pluencee
2.) Shadowcide
3.) Pluencee
4.) Kaidy
5.) Yearning
6.) Shadowcide (MATURE CONTENT)
7.) Brash event entry
8.) EvilTouch event entry
9.) Ely event entry
10.) Yearning Chibi
11.) Sabee Bust

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oh ;o nice works xD

 and me me me me me, i need a new chibi for my youtube channel D:

http://imgur.com/07Ewa2J,Ey6DKpV,GowzE68#0    <- 3 images in this link.

Keep up the great work xD


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nice art . hope u can make for me too  :D

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really nice and pls pick me =)

 Name: EpicM

Uploaded with ImageShack.us

another outfit:

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Ma half naked archer.. come at me


;o I love your art amg :3

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Y-your art is just . . . amazing.
I'm so gel, please give me your skills .

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Char Name: AuRaGeN


Y-your art is just . . . amazing.
I'm so gel, please give me your skills .

Oh me gosh .....this is one BEAUTIFUL char!!!

Offline x-Hikarii

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Oh me gosh .....this is one BEAUTIFUL char!!!

Eep thankies hun!
I spent ages on her. >w< but i think it was worth it !
I'm glad you like her <3

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Very nice art ^^
Here are few SS of my demon looking sin " Diabollic "

Armour and wings

Evil face

Good face

Random angle

Special thanks to my love Anaconda for taking these SS[/size][/i]
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This is my beloved mystic  :tiger-4:
Would love to have an art work of her *-*

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aw, at least i was try hard when it comes to seeker look

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