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EPW Update v46

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Hey everyone.
This is a quick small patch to fix some problems with the Elysium patch.
You can now upgrade your old Rank 8 gears by adding a 4th stat to them! The upgraded armor can not be honed so make sure you hone the armor before you upgrade.

> Patch Notes
> Manual Patch

Offline Burdette

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-Fixed some description mistakes
-Fixed leveling scrolls
-Fixed EXP gaining
-Fixed the FPS issue
-Fixed problem with simple models not saving
-Expanded Cupboard to 96 slots, you should be able to see your hidden items now
-Added Artisan Heart Stone to Vyn Ren, the Trainer for 10 Elysian Seals
-Hopefully fixed problem with Server Error appearing in Heroic Battle
-Removed fixed stat forges from Archosaur West and Archosaur East, they are still in 1k
-Added Merchant NPC to Archosaur West, near other Homestead related NPCs
-Stomp of the King will now generate 3 times more threat, meaning you can aggro bosses more effectively
-Added safe zone around Uncharted Paradise entrance area
-Uncharted Paradise daily quest will now also give 8 Dull Ether Jades
-Increased God of War tome channeling by 1% (the new hybrid magic tome)
-Blue name switching time is now 1 hour instead of 10 hours
-Lowered the amount of Perfect Elements that low level Homestead quests give. Higher level is unchanged (10-20 PE per quest at 1350+ Prosperity)
-Fixed Sunset Valley rewards
-Unlocked helmet swapping in combat

-You can now add a 4th stat of your choice to your old R8 armors. You can choose between adding magic defense, physical defense and attack. Magic Defense will add 2% rmdt. Physical Defense will add 2% rpdt. Attack has a 10% chance to add 2% critical hit rate, and 90% chance to add +12 of your class' stat. For example, Archers will get +12 dex, Barbarians will get +12 str, Psychics will get +12 magic. 
You can not hone the new upgraded armor so make sure you hone the armor before you add a stat to it.
You can not revert your pick so make sure you choose correctly.

-Greatly increased rerollable armor stat chances.

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+100 to everything here as an old irrelevant player

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Hi can you please remove some of the useless stats on psy weapon such as infinity, mana, and crap like that, i dont want only good rolls, but this is just ridiculous how much times its purify or infinity : ) ) ) ) 

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awesome fix  . thanks
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This fixes most of the issues I had with the update  :normal-42:

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lol homestead nerf  :normal-9:
good patch HEHEHEHHEH

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but where are these forges to make our 4th stat gear?
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Fixed sunset valley rewards? meaning it will go back to its old rewards?

Offline Vran

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Damn wish I had known rerolling chances are being increased.. wasted 400 PE and got nothing lol. 

Need 5hrs rollback xD

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Cant reshape extra stat to wepons ? Need new r8 wep lol?

Offline Burdette

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Cant reshape extra stat to wepons ? Need new r8 wep lol?
Things like 5atk 5def are 1 in 500k chance, so theres no reason to give them for free; there won't be more than 3 people that actually get them. 4def and 4atk are still endgame.

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thanks brudd I like this new patch with the fixes u just made and guys don't QQ he giving us the armor switch our weapons are fine as he said most of us got x4 atk/def already the extra stat wont make a difference thanks EPIC team<3

Offline Ahed

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can u increase tt drops .. like i always get 500-700 ecs per run .. make it 1k ecs please lol