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Eclipse Update v44

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Hey everyone.
This patch is a small patch with some fashion, new white, gold and black signature inks, custom items and faction icons.
This is the last patch before the expansion update.

> Patch Notes
> Manual Patch

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*Stones from the weekly tournament are now tradeable.

*Inscription Stone, Weapon Stone and Spectrum Stone can now be traded back to Epic Points at a reduced rate at God's Giving.

*Added white, black, gold and gray signature inks to Seamstress.

*New fashion added to Male Epic Fashion, Female Epic Fashion, Female Hairstyles II and Male Hairstyles.

*All dresses are now shirts. This means you can wear pants with any fashion top now, before it would not show pants with some tops like dresses. Some textures might glitch though.

*Added Faction Base Managers to requested locations

*Added custom weapons - they'll be sent within 24 hours

*Added custom titles - they'll be sent within 24 hours

*Added faction titles

*Updated name colors

*Updated faction icons
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thank you khaede for cutie chibi avatar

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God, another 24-hour wait for custom weaps
кєяα ✿ ρє∂яσѕиєя ✿ ναиιℓℓє ✿ ѕкιℓℓєєєт ✿ ѕυ¢кмуαρρℓєѕ ✿ иιму ✿ ∂σямαммυ ✿ ѕρєℓℓ
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wíshєd cαncєr? fσr α "fríєnd" tσ gσ díє? kíds? nєєd mσrє σn líst? (((:

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Super Excited!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks Burdette c:

Thanks Khaede for qt Chibi c:

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Arigatou Gozaimasu!  :pig-40:

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I forgive you for everything botdette
Comprehension - Sage Mage

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no patchs left to cry, ty 💧

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and tomorrow someone will place a "when patch" thread xdddd

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x         p   x

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no patchs left to cry, ty 💧


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*Added white, black, gold and gray signature inks to Seamstress.
amg yes my inksssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss :police: :police: :police:
Mamo♥ Hesham♥ Adam♥ Rachel♥

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Dale Dale Dele Dolly :P

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WOOOO TY! XDDD & could we have purple colored signature inks too? that be awesome xD
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