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Speed needs to be increased

Offline Dethis

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Is it just me or is it almost impossible to gather lunar crystal for demon culti with the mobs spawning on u faster than u can gather it.


Its the same speed as normal PWI ....I always take an AOE char with me to help with digging the crystal


Offline Derrius

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All u need is a genie wit earthquake... First kill the mobs by urslf then farm crystal when scorpion mobs respond use genie earthquake

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For the demon one, just kill everything, fly up a bit and click the crystal, you should be high enough in the air so that the scrops won't attack you.
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I always take an alt with me or ask someone to help me. Someone won't mind helping you I am sure.

Offline burning

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1.Kill mobs fast
2.Start Digging.
3.Dont wait till end of digging-just use teleport rune afas to any place-then just wait that ~40 sec
4.U will get automatically quest item

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Get someone to help you. Not many people on this server are willing to help, that's true, but if you find a guild they will (most likely) help. If you're finding hard just pm NaturalTouch and I'll go along and protect you while you dig it ;)
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Offline Draugur

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Those damn scorpions... I fought them them for like 15 minutes trying to get that stupid crystal. I don't remember them spawning that close to the crystal on PWI... but it has been awhile.

Another time someone jacked my crystal while I was killing the plants, uncool. Lucky for them I didn't stoop to that level and reset the mobs on them.  >:(