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Barb r8

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once u know how to play a barb ur unkillable, not that ur hard to kill, u can only die by making 1-2 mistakes vs certain classes and that's it, like waste genie vs bm, not have prepared soul of fire for spark mg combo, not enough chi to debuff vs kitting clases, not ready to belief or heart of steel vs metal combo of seeker and archer etc but if u have in your mind, a vision what is gonna happen in the match, when u can read ur opponents next move as a barb ur invincible, that's what makes best barbs best

Offline Pain

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I tear through full con wbs on my mage (15-20k crits) without spark or elemental resistance, I have less trouble killing str wbs (25-35k crits) than I do sins or eas (15-25k crits).. A 15% magic damage reduction in place of 3 crit would not be uncalled for.
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Offline Agatio

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Barbs won't get special blessing any soon, unless we changed the blessing system giving class-restricted blessings for each class, although the third part R8 set bonus will be looked into.