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Eclipse Update v39

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Hey everyone.
This is a small patch mostly focusing on fixing the bugs with Dragon Hunt.
Some fashion was also added, Monday Territory War time was changed to Sunday and custom items were added.

> Patch Notes
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Offline Burdette

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*Event Related*

Improvements have been made to Dragon Hunt:
-You can no longer attack the boss with blue name
-Added coordinates of the boss to the system message (correct ones(I hope))

-The boss now drops 3 Aekkan Cores instead of 1. Each core will give 1/3 of the original reward. This is so you can also give cores to the allies that helped you, but you can also use all 3 on your own faction.
-Increased Aekkan's HP by 4x.
-Fixed the respawn
-Aekkan now spawns at 19:15 instead of 19:00.

*Fashion Related*

-Fashion has been added to Epic Male Fashion and Epic Female Fashion NPCs.
-New Eyes have been added:


Monday Territory War has been moved to Sunday, same time.
Added a 150 points refund for Weapon Stone into God's Giving.
Added Faction Base Managers to requested locations.
Updated name colors.
Updated faction icons.
Added faction titles.
Added custom titles.
Added custom weapons - they will be sent within 3 days. You can no longer request new model files or edit current model files on your custom weapons. You can still use any existing model, including other players, but you need to have their permission.
Disabled Blessing Envoy.
Fixed the problem with Simple Elements always having Full Models at login.

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ty for the patch  :)

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Thank you!!! 

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cê sabe quem mas não sabe quantos vem

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TW on Sundays, nice, now i can attend a TW...
destroyed every cuck in GvG and same numbers pk
made f  g g t s, no show tw 2 times


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What the ***, it's Jaan really? 2 patch in less of 2 week, Jesus

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Gay finally  :police:

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Monday Territory War has been moved to Sunday, same time.

^Best part about this patch

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TW on Sundays, nice, now i can attend a TW...
Yasss what my wifu said
кєяα ✿ ρє∂яσѕиєя ✿ ναиιℓℓє ✿ ѕкιℓℓєєєт ✿ ѕυ¢кмуαρρℓєѕ ✿ иιму ✿ ∂σямαммυ ✿ ѕρєℓℓ

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Im just saying now, if I don't get my new custom by tonight hell will be let loose on epw:] Ty for the update though. Luv ya Burdette
𝕆𝕦𝕥 𝕠𝕗 𝕞𝕪 𝕗𝕒𝕔𝕖:]