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Troll of the week goes to LetsHug, and this is how the story Goes..

So this guy named Cody was get all butthurt about life right? and i was like hey man u wanna tussle? lets go, n hes all like fine meng lets set it up heres my didgets.
So he Gibs me this # and hes like bet you wont call me, so ofc im like hell yea ima call you best get rdy sir.
So i *67 type the stuff in and when its done ringing i get the messaging system, but instead of this kids # its the number to some Jail LOL

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How about the guy that world chatted that the 1st person that pm's Robbert the alphabet gets 5000 ec's right after the gm's did some events.



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Oh wow you're cool.
Please do tell more. c:
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I was dyin lol


He's all like...

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me and shini was dying man. this has happened once b4 with a guy who really was serious about fighting me IRL. He called the police station screaming at a guy he thought was me but instead was a police officer. I love you test.


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ROFL .. i was dying outa laughter  :normal-2: :normal-13:

this was epic. lol

love you cody.


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Yeh man i cant even act like that wasnt anything below gold
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Is there some prize for round numbers, like "25,000-th customer"?

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Think only about winning the current one."

But reconsider price. You might decide to lose.

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GG Kodi, you're growing son.  :normal-42:

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