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Help around wizard and bm class!

Offline cruu

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Hey all :D.
I've started yesterday this with my brother, I am wizard and he's BM.
I need help around something. Which one to go, Sage or Demon on wizard and BM? What Genie skills and attributes? I'm pure mage, full magic attribute and he's full strength I think. And oh yeah, we are doing Arena Gear mats, but every 20th mob drops chrono sand, and we can't find chrono leaf.


Be sure to add some strength to your wizard to be able to use your gear. Your friend needs to add some points into dexterity on his BM (http://epicpw.com/off-topic/each-class-build-ass-veno-barb-myst-seek-wiz-bm-psych-cler-arch/). Chrono Leaf is in Moonshade Desert, but the drop rate on it is a lot lower than the leaves. As far as whether or not to go demon, that's more of a personal preference. Look at the Celestial skills for each one and decide which you prefer.

Offline cruu

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y.y i have some str. ofc and a bit of dex, but little bit x).
he went on 3 str, 1 vit and 2 dex.

what about genies? ok, ty :)


what about genies? ok, ty :)

I don't use them, so I don't know much about them.

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Not gonna bother with demon or sage simply cos i can go on forever as to why you should pick demon for both. As for genie, Pure mag on bm and dex/mag on wiz.
Bm> AD
Tangling Mire
Tree of Protection
Holy Path
Wind shiled (mostly for defensive reasons than the aps)
Will surge

Wiz> AD
Badge of courage (main reason for having dex genie)
Extreme Poison
Holy Path
Will surge/optional


Not gonna bother with demon or sage simply cos i can go on forever as to why you should pick demon for both.

Typical cookie-cutter setup because don't realize Sage is a viable choice as well. Like I said before, it's a matter of preference.

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For some classes passive skills
in Sage version give more dmg (for BM 15%)
in Demon version give more Crit (1-2%).

Demon Spark gives a bit more APS,
but Quicken Stone in your weapon can
give the same thing, it activates pretty often.

Sage spark gives more def and damage, but not speed.

Basically, Sage hits harder, Demon hits faster,
but that can sometimes be completely opposite.

So, the best is, as Antihero said, open list with
Sage/Demon skills and compare them.

Then decide what you like more.


On the other hand, here is pretty fast/easy to make
two toons of the same class, one Sage, one Demon,
level and gear them to, say, 140-145, and then see
which one you play easier and with more fun.

Then that one level to 150 and get endgame gear.

Other one delete, or keep as backup if you change
your mind. :)
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