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Changes of TW time


:smiley: ....for as long as I can remember I have been getting up at 2 or 3am to TW.  It is very difficult and will continue to be very difficult to please everyone and to include everyone in TW.    Two servers is a bad idea ...remember, bringing too many changes about, impacts on and change the dynamics of TW and makes it less fun.  It also puts more strain on GM's as well as TW co-ordinators/TW leaders of each faction.   Lets wait for Sirens of War update, I am positive that it might improve TW time for most.

If you were getting up at 2-3am before, don't expect it to be much more convenient for you. Sirens of War adjusted things marginally, but not enough to cater toward a completely different timezone. Which is good. The more you try to change things to suit one group of people, the more you alienate another. This is one of those things that can't be adjusted to accommodate everyone.

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TW may not be possible to adjust but if I'm not mistaken nationwars is twice weekly. I really don't know if this is possible at all but Agatio might be able to make 1 NW on the current-ish TW timing and the other more suited towards asian players? If it gets added that is.

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Atlast a healthy convo and no flaming...

Go sleep at 6pm and get up for tw, problem solved.
Lol xD
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