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Each class build? Ass. Veno. Barb. Myst. Seek. Wiz. BM. Psych. Cler. Arch.

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 :shocked: So, I would like to know, the best or perfect builds from in-game characters. It will also be a reference page for the new character starters, such as myself, as well as for others. The way you build you character, I would like to know. I would appreciate the help from each and every character.  (Points distributed per level) Thank you.  :tiger-48: :tiger-50:  :monkey-25: :pig-47:


Here are some common stats per level that people tend to use:

Archer: 1str, 4dex
Cleric: 1str, 4mag
Blademaster: 3str, 2dex
Wizard: 1str, 4mag
Barbarian: 3str, 2dex
Assassin: 1str, 4dex

I don't know a lot about Venomancers, Psychics, or the Earthguard classes. With any class that stats 1 strength per level, players tend to stop stating strength when they have enough for their end-game gear. Blademasters and Barbarians can also restat once they've reached endgame to add dexterity for increased accuracy and critical hit chance, as well as adding a few points to vitality for added survivability. This is purely at your discretion.

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Venomancer is extremely versatile, so you will probably never get an absolute answer to that class.  They can go either path (AA, LA, or HA) and still not be laughed at (actually, I don't see too many LA venos, but the other two are common enough).

Psychic: 1str, 4mag
Mystic: 1str, 4mag
Seeker: according to mine, which is a pure str, it's 3 str, 2 dex.  And since they wield swords, their crit isn't bad since they have at least 230 dex statted in anyways.  Can add more, but since a seeker's damage is based on strength...yeah.

Some folks also prefer some vit, but it's not really necessary on this server with all the vit stones you can get.

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Thank you, Antihero. I have made a Mage to see what it was like, and had no idea where to put the stats. This has helped alot. Thank you.

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Well I'd say you guys got the builds right for normal PWI server but on this server you got a lot of add-ons on gear and what not so I'd advice:

For every toon put in the points you need to equip your weapon and gear then
for sins and archers put everything in Dex
for magic classes put everything in magic
for seekers, BMs put everything in Str
For Barbs you can either decide to go full str or full vit
And of course you can adjust all builds to your own preferences but these are the basics ;)


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psy,  .

it varies, and if you know what you're doing ofc. you'll do it a bit different :p .. but basically..

. 1str, 4 mag.. untill you have 79 str, then.. all 5 on mag.

since your end game gear only needs 79 str. max ..

once you have reached endgame, you might want to restat and take into account the +str add ons from gears..  and might be able to squeeze more points into mag. 

this follows for almost all arcane class ;o ... (unless you're doing something like a hybrid build on a cleric or something ofc.).
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BMs put everything in Str

Haha... no.

For Barbs...full vit

See above.

You essentially repeated what I just said, then added in guaranteed tips to make your character lose at everything. BMs should never stat full strength because, while they may hit harder, they'll be lucky to hit anything. Dexterity is required for accuracy. No dexterity = MISS! MISS! MISS! MISS! You get the idea. Another common mistake I see people making with Blademasters is weapon builds (Axe Build, Claw Build, etc.). Your base stats at end-game should be set up in such a way as to accommodate the use of every weapon designed for a Blademaster.

Barbarians should never stat full vitality. In fact, a Barb's vitality should never need to exceed 30 at base. They already have a higher amount of HP and damage resistance anyways, and should therefore focus on offensive stats. Barbarians are ultimate similar to Blademasters in their build. A higher amount of dexterity is required if you should regrettably wish to become a Claw-Barb. This setup comes in handy if you want to maximize your APS, have 0 skills at your disposal, and minimize your usefulness. Feel free to give it a miss.

P.S. Thanks to the others who filled in outline for the classes I missed.

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Well if you get 2x Might Ring + Lvl 7 tome you should have decent accuracy

And I said barb full vit or str depends what you want with it, if you're playing cata barb you might want to consider full vit and as soon as you do pvp or pve swap to str

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Oh and btw, in your post you say 1str every lvl for AA classes, which leaves them with way too much strength


Oh and btw, in your post you say 1str every lvl for AA classes, which leaves them with way too much strength

With any class that stats 1 strength per level, players tend to stop stating strength when they have enough for their end-game gear.

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For venos (in this server) is the best to go AA if u want to do some good dmg too since venos are mostly used only for their aoe purge, amplify dmg and soul degeneration in tws (sage venos) but ur points can be the ones of a hybrid so u wont be 2 shoted by a psy class, for demon venos i guess its the same but demon ones are used more just for 1v1 since in mass pk they not rly helpful since their purge isn't aoe and the parasitic nova's debuff is only 20% or so and bm's heaven flame is more