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Another EPW scammer?

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1. No i do not play PWI, Infact, this is the only game related to PW i hav ever played, In other words, i started playing PW, through this server, Never moving to PWi (I hear it sucks )
2.Is this bannable? He looks iffy to me.
Not sure if selling PWI accounts is allowed due to risks, but then  again, each player to his own.

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That's definitely someone trying to pull a fast one on ya. Don't do it. Also, I might add that selling a PWI account is bannable. So if someone got wind that, that person sold his account to ya and they reported it. You won't have the PWI account anymore. So in other words, the whole ordeal would be a great waste of your time and non the less down right piss you off. :P
Thank you Meline♥ for qt avatar!

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It's bannable here too, I always try to talk to them and SS it to get them banned before they scam somebody

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me ignore only.... :normal-1: :pig-24:

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