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For someone who mostly plays for good stats on r8 equipment, reskinning is very depressing. Does it really have to be that expensive? It is not like this is the official server, where most people run around with bad equipment after 3 years of playing. I would like to run with cool stats on r8 and not have to farm whole month, or donate twic3e a month to be able to reskin my equipment 50 times.
Thank you.
P.S. The normal balance is: the equipment is expensive, reskinning is cheap. Here the extremely expensive reskinning makes basic dragon sets prefered by most.

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...you are aware r8r is supposed to be an EC sink.... right...?
It's no better than dragon 'cept the random stats (and atk/def lvls) being added possibly turning out good for the owner of that gear piece.

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r8 its end game gear dude.... its supposed to be expensive... simple as that....

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makes basic dragon sets prefered by most.


pretty sure, most prefer r8s.

and as expensive as it sounds, EC is just that much easy to get >.> you don't even have to cash twice a month to  get good stats >.>  do all the dailies and play a little smart when ur farming, and you'd earn over 5 reforges a day, more or less atleast, depending on how long you play the game each day.

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I think you mean Reshaping and imo R8 is fairly cheap.
 I work at home so yeah I get to play a little bit more than most people with jobs but... I'm also afk 80% of the day. With that being said I can still pull in 300-600 ec on a bad day.
I have R8 with decent stats and have never donated It just takes time and patience.
Also I don't think R8 should be any cheaper, lets say within 1 week I have op stats on my R8 gear. Then what do I do? PK till my eyes bleed? that gets old.

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Yeah, I agree with everyone here saying it's supposed to be a ec sink.  I have put a grand total of 15 bucks here (10 that went towards reskinning my bow), and I've gotten decent stats on my gear.  Decent by my standards of course, and I'm still working on the damn pants.

Speaking of...I have EC's, I can reforge again! Woot!

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Soon my nooby level 140 sin shall be 150...And once i am 150..I shall reign over EPW with noob r8 reforges ;D Muahaha...ha...ha....
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