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Sex Change

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hello agatio wanted to ask if sex change costs money pj's? if it would cost nothing could change the sex of my pj pass to Man is a call Chrysanthe archer xD hehe thanks! : P


Ive noticed alot of people thinking it's Okay to make threads about Namechange and Genderchange. It's OKAY to make threads, but honestly do you think Agatio or anyone else on the team has time, to go through every individuals account who wants a namechange? Or a genderchange? It would take up too much time. :P But then again, what do i know. They may do it..Who knows~

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Like Name chnages, we do not chnage Sex of tons. Unless there is a very valid reason for it.

Most of all, Agatio would need to have time to do it. Something that he doesnt.
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