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Hey everyone.

The original Forest Ruins has been revamped into a new instance used to farm shards for accessories. Now you can add up to 2 sockets to any accessory.
Some Stormbringer skills were nerfed and Assassin Windpush cooldown decreased. Heroic Battle and Capture the Flag teams have been made more balanced,
Fashion, hairstyles, mounts and flights imported from PWI and custom items have been updated.
> Patch Notes
> Manual Patch
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- PvE Changes -

-Original Forest Ruins has been disabled and anything original to it removed.
-Forest ruins has been revamped. It now has new mobs and bosses. Killing these bosses will reward you with Fragments for accessory stone shards. The instance requires a minimum of 6 players to clear it, 10 is recommended. The final boss reward quest also has a 1 in 72000 chance to give an Atk Level 1 shard and same chance for Def Level 1 shard. You will also gain a title if you clear the instance within 45 minutes.

The guide to new Forest Ruins can be checked here.
-You can now enter Forest Ruins through Illusion Stone.

- Gear Changes -

-You can now add sockets to your accessories at PW Boutique Agent.
-Accessory Socket Stones can now be crafted for Flowsilver Palace Coins and TM rewards.
-Accessory Socket Stones added to Heroic Battle, Capture the Flag and Bounty Hunter daily quest.

-Shards for accessories can now be crafted at a Shards Forge near any existing Rank 8 forges.
Shards can be imbued and purified at any blacksmith. They can also be replaced with another shard at PW Boutique Agent.

- Skill Changes -

-Assassin Windpush cooldown reduced by 15 seconds.
-Stormbringer Lunar Surge cooldown increased by 15 seconds.
-Stormbringer Tidal Force is now a stun effect instead of occult.

-Stormbringer Perigean Tide can now be purified.

- Fashion Changes -

-Imported all new flights, mounts, fashion and hairstyles from PWI:
-New flights added to Events Forge II
-New mounts added to Events Forge II
-New fashion added to Male Epic Fashion
-New fashion added to Female Epic Fashion
-New hairstyles added to Female Hairstyles II
-New hairstyles added to Male Hairstyles.


- Other -

-All existing custom titles have been remade since there were some problems with them, which are now fixed. If you had a custom title then contact a GM and they will help you get it back.
-Heroic Battle and Capture the Flag chests will now spawn 4 at a time; 2 red team and 2 blue team. New chests won't spawn until the existing ones have been dug. Team balance should be much better now.
-Rainbow Ripper is now G18. Recraft it at the weapons forge.
-Increased Capture the Flag and Heroic Battle rewards.
-Fixed the pet targetting button, custom UIs will be affected by this. The file you need to replace is hpmpotherb.xml.
-You can now see pet HPs.
-You can now choose to turn on timestamps for the chat. The option for this is in Settings > UI > Chat Time Off. Since this replaces the NPC Names option, you can no longer disable NPC names. Custom UIs will be affected by the text change. The file to fix is setting_video.xml.

-A Rewrite Stone has been created for editing custom items. You can craft at God's Giving for 15 Epic Points. Guide here.
-Updated Custom name colors.
-Updated Custom titles.
-Updated Custom Weapons.
-Added faction titles.
-Updated faction icons.

-Added Faction Base Managers to requested locations.
-Custom weapons added to forges.

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Woohoo! Thaanks Jaan ^^ excited to see all the new stuff 

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why nerf sbs if 90% of them are bad af lmao

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Very nice patch, much needed sb nerfs. Though I'm not loving the ornament shard thing, got about 20 ornaments I need to farm shiit for now

1,440,000 runs for +2 atk and +2 def on all my ornas nice
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*** sbs lmao
agree, you ready to farm doe?

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thanks for patch 

lets go farm guys!  

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add speedstart

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hope you will add few pics of new flights


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ty gm almost died when it said "- Fashion Changes -" :-[ :-[ :-[

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damn nerfing sbs...but not dbs...so sh.it

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Wtb those shards pm Grandeur

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hope you will add few pics of new flights
Once server is live I take care of it