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Need epic patch

Offline stiff47

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i m playing in rotfa server.. now it's going to shoutdown... i can't download the hole game. so i need a patch. then can play Epic..  my friend also come to epic...plz help us

Offline Agatio

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There is no patch that would 'fix' any client to work as EPW client. If you can't download the full client maybe ask someone to download it for you and save the game on external hard drive

Offline Ryan Wolfeh

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  • Motherfucker.
  • Everyone in this town is a dickbutt!
Yeah, fix your own ***ing problems, Agatio is a GOD and shall not be questioned by any of you new scrubs.
You expect me to put something relevant here? I refuse!

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Lol Ryan that was an epic reply indeed. And this was one of the saddest posts ever... .LOl
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