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Bm or Barb or Archer

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Guys..i am new in this game and i have a lot of gold and idk on which one to spend them Bm/Barb/Archer.
If u can tell me which one is better in 1vs1 and in mass pk, and please dont say depends on ur play style, at least give me pro and cons.
I hope u guys can give some help :smiley:
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I don't PK, but I read forums. :)

They say Barb survives the best, but BM kills very good,
and has more stuns than his/her oponents would like.

And with Axes has good AoE's.

They also say that R8 on BM is less dependent on
recast stats (not completely independent), and R8
in any case gives +25 Atk/Def levels.

But it's also easy to use LA helm and wrists
without restat, together with Pan Gu and Lunar
Cape have 3.33 base aps on Claws.
Maybe in that case R8 is not needed?


My good friend was BM and I was Sin, we were
on Nightscream Island, out of 8 fights he killed
me 7 times and I killed him 1 time with lucky crit.

Have no experience with Archer or Barb, nor with mass PK.


Those were just my 2 cents.
Someone with more PK experience might help you better.
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But reconsider price. You might decide to lose.

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seeker.... just cause of bias.

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;) I have a 148 demon archer,and yeah.Archers are more ranged.BoA is very deadly in mass pk because everyone is grouped in a small area.Though,barbs have arma,which with a lucky zerk crit may kill more then half of the people there.But,just like geriatrix said,bms have alot more stuns.But,all-in-all,all of them will die at one point lol <3

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All of those 3 classes are useful in mass pk.

I think BM's are best for 1v1's because of their stun locks, spammable bell and physical/magic marrows. BM's are highly recommended to have in mass pk also.

Archers deal high damage but very squishy, kill fast or be killed lol.

Barbs survive best and can hit quite high in str build+zerk+crit. Usually in mass pk, barbs are the last to go down cause no one wants to bother with them xD. They lack the stuns making 1v1's difficult against BM's.
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all classes are strong if u know to play them.

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Archers are great for 1v1's or mass PK. Their range gives them an advantage that Barbs and BMs don't have.

BMs are very versatile in terms of weapons they can use. BMs, like all the others, are good for 1v1 and mass PK. You can go either APS or DPH depending on what weapon you choose to use.

Barbs are very amazing in all types of PvP. Arma is a skill that many don't want to be hit by. As a Barb, you have ridiculously high defense and HP, your attack is pretty good too.

No matter which one you choose, always be cautious if you want to fight a mage, because all these classes use HA, battle with a mage could have a really bad outcome for you if you aren't careful because they are all ranged attackers.
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