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Chill with me. Or hang me e.e


Bahh. I could just pass out. Fever is amazingly horrible...sitting in bed with lappy...cbf to get on epw...someone hang with me and spam my thread T_T

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Hope you get better. Spam (joke, I'ma go eat and probably won't see this thread again for a while (mm so does that make this spam since I'm doing it once? (I'm really hungry (and indecisive (and I like brackets (lol)))))


I hope you get better ♥


Talk about //headache v.v Meeps.

And thanks <3

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Talk about //headache v.v Meeps.

And thanks <3

you used to play final fantasy xi didn't you?

Ty Chiibi for the great Avatar and Siggy <3

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No. .-. I've heard about it. But have never played it.
Wish i would've though.