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Apoc and chrono pages

Offline whitescar

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What's the best way to get them? I heard you can farm them but I don't know how.

Offline Tagonari

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Brimstone Pit and Eden. Mobs in there, occasionally drop them.

Offline Darunia ஜ

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Brimstone Pit and Eden. Mobs in there, occasionally drop them.

This, although you may have better chances at getting them from EU boxes.  The drop rate for apoc pages is craptastic--I did a full unwined Eden run and literally only got 3. 

Chrono pages are dropped from world bosses occasionally.  But good luck finding one.

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I get ten ish apoc pages per unwined run in Brim and Eden ...Brim usually a bit better on drop rate some how. Chrono in GV (Delta) and world Bosses, you can also get from the Universe chest reward in the Ares event on Sat.try your luck on world boss in OHT maps.  Happy Hunting :3
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Offline zardoka

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Chrono page can get whit gold at item mall, or whit  ecs at event forge :smiley:

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Boutique all the way...

Offline Tavern

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I remember doing TM in brimstone, they drop like 10+ apoc pages a run.

and if you are smart u can figure out when the worldbosses spawn to get all the skillbook pages, but I guess u would be better off buying them from the boutique.

Offline Feone

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Cardbosses also drop a lot of chrono pages. THere are 2 in brim/eden each so you can farm apocs & chronos at the same time.

Offline whitescar

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How do i get to these places, and could a lv135 in 130 gear do it?

Offline SolBadguy

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Actually, I've multiple stacks of 100 of each type in my bank and I got them all from doing the map quests from sharp spear.  Plus if you do them during a 2x event you're get ridiculous amounts of both types of pages.
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