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Looking at R8 and Dragon

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I guess most people are indecisive between getting R8 and dragon,
(Including me, i have both but R8 stats anger me)
So i thought i would make this post so people can stop making 101546540 posts about it and just read one,
Can someone list the pro's con's/Difference between the 2 sets?

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R8R, better. Dragon, obsolete but cheap.
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Dragon = Pretty stats, many -chan and +crit etc.
R8 = Actual stats you'd actually need for PvP - Attack/Defence levels - God of Frenzy for Assassin and Purify Spell for support Clerics/other arcanes.
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^ Pretty much all it is to say about r8 and dragon. Just gotta have loads of ec for r8 if you don't end up with good stats the first few tries. D:

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