Epic Perfect World


Like Waffles ? Join the fun friendly faction Waffles we are kind and helpful. So join and have all your waffle dreams come true. O 3O

If You are Interested in Join Please apply Here. ^^ http://epicwaffles.shivtr.com/

Q and A

Q Are Any lvls and classes accepted ?
A Yes. :3

Q Do you plan to have a guild base ?
A Yes

Q Do you plan to TW ?
A Maybe i dunno.

Q Are you Active ?
A vary active.

Q Are you gonna make a site ?
A Possible if i can get one made and figure it out. :3

Q Do you plan to have events and contests ?
A Yes i do. ^^

Q What kind of Event and contest?
A Fashion/races/Pks and when i get a site up some other fun contests also. ^^

Any other questions just ask. :3
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