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Sin or Seeker

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hey i am new and i am wondering which one is better in 1vs1 and mass pk Sin or Seeker?
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:police: They're both execellent.Though in 1v1 and/or mass pk the sin stealths.The seeker just tanks all (gf gf).It really all depends on your play style really :D

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Assassins are more for 1v1 because of their extremely high attack. Bringing a sin to mass PK is asking for trouble because their defense without refines and proper shards is terrible, as soon as you un-stealth you are leaving yourself open to attack and because your defense sucks people can pick you off very quickly if you can't get yourself stealthed fast enough.

As for Seekers, I don't know much about them but I do know that their AoE attacks are probably more suited for mass PK. This doesn't mean they can't make for a decent 1v1 opponent, they are pretty dangerous either way.
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In 1v1 I hate seekers but in mass pk I hate sins D:
Either way: Mystics ftw.

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again, there really is not a "better" class for anything you choose to do with them.  All boils down to your playstyle and skill on your chosen class or classes . Bottom line, choose a toon that feels good to you, one that you dont have to overthink.  best thing is build one and focus on it till you feel like its an extension of yourself, and have fun with it .  8)
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thanks and 1 more question what wep shud i use for seeker dph dual edges or long sword?
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Depends, Sword is slower but has more att and dual are low att but faster att speed :P

i use Sword on my seeker :p