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Can't log into game? D=

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Gah didn't rly want to make a new thread but...  :rolleyes:

Got dc twice with just like 5 min between em n now when try to log in timer runs out n I can't get in  :'(
Checking server infos n both 1 n 2 seams online so I guess is something strange from my side but dunno what...

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nope having the same proble, and my web is just fine, you can see im posting xD

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You have two options :
1. Keep trying
2. Give up on trying
a. Watch youtube
b. Stalk the forums
c. Get a pizza
d. All of the above and try again later

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Run the game from the launcher, and use Epica 2.

You should be fine.

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Works perfectly fine for me :o