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Easter Egg Hunt Event - Event is OVER!

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Easter bunny has arrived and he's been busy!
He has hidden a bunch of eggs across the maps of Epic Perfect World.
There is a total of 15 eggs hidden around!

How do I participate?

You have to find the eggs hidden around and take a screenshot of your character near the egg with coords showing in the screenshot.
The screenshot/s are then sent to GM Nea via forum Private Message and based on how many you find, the reward increases!
In the forum message include character you want reward to be sent at or the reward will get sent to the character found in the screenshot.

Do not share the locations that you've discovered, let others enjoy the hunt too.
Do not Reply to this thread with the position of the eggs.
You can not participate twice or use alts. If caught doing this you will be Disqualified.

17/April/2017 20:00 Server Time

What is the reward????

The joy of hunting! Joke..joke

If you find only one egg, you will receive
120 Supply tokens
200 Epic Coins
4 Perfect Elements
2 Event Tokens

If you find between 2 and 6 eggs, you will receive
360 Supply tokens
600 Epic Coins
12 Perfect Elements
6 Event Tokens
Title: Super Seeker
Title: Rabbit

If you find between 7 and 14 eggs, you will receive
600 Supply tokens
1000 Epic Coins
20 Perfect Elements
10 Event Tokens
Title: Super Seeker
Title: Bunny
Title: Rabbit
Title: Cottontail

If you find all 15 eggs, you will receive
840 Supply tokens
1400 Epic Coins
28 Perfect Elements
14 Event Tokens
Title: Super Seeker
Title: Bunny
Title: Eggtastic
Title: Rabbit
Title: Cottontail
Title: Hoppy

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1. Deep in a cave that even the tides have forgotten.

2. Sunken deep beneath the frozen water.

3. No fallen leaves, everything green and alive, a village's name worth changing.

4. Purified by the celestial water, hidden in its origins.

5. Lost by the living, lost by the dead, guarded by a dragon.

6. Protected by a heliophobic panther, surrounded by its minions
Celestial power flows through the remaining Grizzly Bears around!

7. A lake filled with blood of heroes that failed to enter eden.

8. This egg will disappoint the queen when it hatches.

9. All used to begin here but times have changed.

10. Why would the Easter Bunny need a gondola?

11. Hidden away in the eternally destroyed village.

12. I doubt Derjan needed more dino eggs.

13. Who'd have thought he knows the Sadistic Glee cave so well.

14. An offering to Pan Gu, left at its Gate.

15. Held safe in the purest Monastery.

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Again, very important.
Point is to let every1 enjoy/have some fun finding.

Screenshots can be uploaded to imgur.com and then sent to my forum profile -> ''private message''
Try to add as many places found in 1 message in order to keep it tidier, thank you.
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Rewards have been sent. Congrats to everyone.
The title Eggtastic will require patching and will be sent afterwards
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