Epic Perfect World

does anyone know how to fix this

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buildings,trees and rocks are all plain white

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redownload & reinstall FULL client.

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you will need to install an add-on for directX, its called Enduser Runtime, or something similar.


error 5, i think it fixes the same.

if it doesn't it might be your graphic card, make sure its up to date.

there is a file inside the element folder, inside the EpicPW game folder.
search for dxwebsetup
it should fix the directX problem.

if its not directX then it have to be graphic card problem. u need to update it.

check the settings btw in your game, can be that too.

See if this helps.


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time for everyone to uninstall
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You used "voidpatch" in oder to cut off your PW client. Uninstall your "voidpatch" in your game's folder.