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Since the servers are having issues, lets see whose opinion agrees!

Offline Rikigaru

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Which class, in you opinion, is the most well rounded, and has equal chance to kill everything?

In my opinion, I think a Wizard or a Psychic, or maybe a blademaster?

Assassins can't kill HA worth crap

Maybe just me, but my archer didn't have enough DD to kill a seeker, but I don't have BV or R8 so I don't know

Those are the only two I really play, I can't give any other opinion on others, cause I don't know their skills very well.

Opinions? :)

Offline Kyan

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GMs...best class ever
Ty to lucy that made my awsome Siggy and avvy
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GMs...best class ever

LOL! True.

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Elly - 150 Sage venomancer
Decipher - 150 Demon mystic

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^ what she said.
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agree with: TW, Keraa      :))

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Any class can kill any other class. Given you use it properly.
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Offline Therras

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Any class can kill any other class. Given you use it properly.
yea, i used to think that but idk anymore. I fought a bm, full defense mode, and I was doing 1.5k damage with debuffs and fire pill. He waited till my tidal was off to go full attack mode and stun lock my ass to death. YES i had to spam expel/AD/maze steps/belief. The same goes for seeker. And you cant go DPH against any of these classes...

Offline The Chris

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I'll go for Blademasters. :D
150 Demon Assassin - _Chris_
150 Demon Blademaster - Avenge

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BMs are most OP, I hit 3500 with my full R8 pasy with 98 att lvls on a full R8 bm with def wep :S

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Bms are tanky, but seekers and barbs...wew.
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:/. Only coming back for tw.

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  • Most weak of 10Godz
  • uwi bahay kaen kamote
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Offline C

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Don't roll a sin.
I find sins to be very boring unless you just wanna make one for the purpose for farming like how some people use sins on this server for.

Offline 🌸

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Bms are tanky, but seekers and barbs...wew.

I tank BMs all the time too.
All same for me D: they hit so hard and still are so hard to kill. q.q

Offline PrincesLela

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making an video whit the same sin off all fc big room boss in one video expect thunderclaw