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Eclipse Update v24

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Hey everyone.
Some skills changes were made with this patch. Dragon Rising is now a knockdown and Sage wizard was boosted.
Fashion was added and custom items were updated.
Territory War map has reset and server time has been moved forward by 1 hour.

> Patch Notes
> Manual Patch
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- Main changes -

Added Iron Ridgeknives, Ironguard Powders, Perfect Defense runes and Perfect Guardian Runes to Heroic Battle Winner item crafting.
Added an Eclipse Title Stone to points exchange. This stone will give you all titles from the Eclipse expansion. Costs 5 Epic Points.
Increased Demon Redstone Venomworm 180% physical defense reduction effect size.

It will now take 5 minutes before Heroic Battle blue and red team chests spawn.
Added a "Charge-end" function into the client. With this on, you will instantly finish charge based skills such as Take Aim and Dragon's Trap. You can enable it by unticking the "Charge-end Off" box in the UI setting.
Custom weapons can now be reshaped and honed at Custom Weapon NPCs next to normal forges.

- Skill Changes -
Sage Morning Dew channeling time reduced to 2.0 seconds.
Sage Divine Pyrogram channeling time reduced to 1.5 seconds.
Sage Wellspring Quaff magic attack bonus increased to 200%.
Sage Primal Stone Barrier Physical Defense increased to 135%, Earth Defense reduced to 135%.

Dragon Rising stun effect changed into knockdown. Duration set to 4 / 6 seconds.
Fixed Demon Churning Vortex cooldown; it's 30 seconds now as it's supposed to be.

- Customization related -

Added fashion to Epic Male Fashion and Epic Female Fashion.
Added White Cat and Chickin pets, The Unicorn and Street Hen mounts, White cat and Big Buns battle pets to Pet Manager.
New eyes (previews added here):
Animu 7 - 9056 (M) | 9156 (F)
Bloody -
9057 (M) | 9157 (F)
Deus -
9058 (M) | 9158 (F)
Tiny -
9059 (M) | 9159 (F)

- Other -

Added rewards for EPW Tournament 2017 Winners.
Added Faction Base Managers and God's Givings to requested locations.
Added Custom Weapons and titles - They will get sent manually after the patch.
Added custom name colors.
Added Creation Stones (12 + vitality - available for weapons) in God's Givings exchange tab
Added faction titles - If you requested a title, then you can ask an online GM to spawn the NPC for you in your factions base.
Server time moved forward by 1 hour.
Updated faction icons.
Territory War map has been reset.
Removed snow.
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RIP Seekers  :'(

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ty for the update. :)

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  • hi gms stop randomly putting my wife in the side against me in hb, ty xD

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 :pig-26: :pig-26: Thank you <3

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Removed snow.
Hosting events in NS/Croma won't hurt eyes anymore...  :police:

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Arabella best pocket heals guys!

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Polished Mo's Anus
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