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This is a private board where only the original poster and staff can see the posts.

You can submit and modify your requests on this board each week in the time frame between Saturday 08:00 (8AM) and Thursday 20:00 (8PM).

Faction leaders can request custom titles for their faction here. The titles will be put in an NPC which will be activated by a GM by request inside that factions base. The NPC will disappear every few hours, so that faction will have to ask a GM again to spawn it.
Each title will cost 3000 Contribution Points and expires after 28 days. You can request only one title every 3 days.

If your request satisfies all requirements, you can expect your faction title to be added to the game in the weekly patch which takes place at Saturday 8:00 ST.

To request a faction title, you will need the Faction Title Voucher from the Forge of War

Mail the Faction Title Voucher to the character mytitle then make a post on this board.

All the title requests must be written in the same thread. Do not make a new thread for each title separately. The thread must be named after the faction.
When your thread gets locked, meaning the titles from that time have been added, then you'll have to make a new thread.

Adding the titles requires a server patch, so they will be added monthly.

The leader should reply to this board with a new thread and fill this form:
Character name:

Faction Name:

Title Text:

Title Color:

Before or after name:


Title text.
The text must be related to that faction. For example, the faction EPW_Team could have "EPW_Team#1", but not "Best Player".
The text must not be inappropriate and can not contain any insults towards another player or a faction.
Having profanity in the title is not allowed, this includes censored words.
The text must follow Epic PW rules.
The text must not be longer than 30 letters.
The text can contain symbols. For example ☆ and ★.

If you want to test which symbols work then you can try them out in the C.Title window when opening Character Info (C)
The text must not be the same or similar to another existing custom EPW title. For example, Playoffs Champion, Clash of Classes Winner.
The text must not be the same or similar to another person's or factions custom title without their permission.
The text must not contain another faction's name without their permission.

Title color.
You can pick any color for your title.
Pick a color here: http://www.colorpicker.com/
Write the color code you pick into your form.
If the color is too dark then it will automatically get white borders. If it's normal or bright, then it will have black borders.
Color code example: 209FC9

Example forms.

Example form 1

Character name:

Faction name:

Title Text:


Title Color:


Before or after name:


If you have more questions then you can ask here or add me on skype: daeron40

Credits to Rev for the idea.
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