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Mama Wants to sell:


3 Star LEvel 150 Dragon speres
-150 endgame wep for psychics-"Dragons Heart"

Lmao some asswipes have already tried scamming me for it.

Offline Escorian

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Psychic gear isn't worth much I hope you know.

Ty Chiibi for the great Avatar and Siggy <3

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Offline Darunia ஜ

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I would take you on that offer but my psychic isn't even 130 yet, let alone 150.  Hell, even my archer isn't 150 yet.  Damn DDoS attacks.

Stay Classy.
Mikau - 150 Sage Archer (unofficially retired)
Darunia - 150 Demon Cleric (unoffical new main)
Catfish - 150 Sage Psy (main PK gal)
Phalanx - 150 Demon BM (because impulsive)


Stillllll selling dis v.v