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Eclipse Update v20

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Hey everyone.
This patch is mostly focused on event changes. New Event Arena has been added, special titles added to Heroic Battle and Cube Race and Sunday Nation Wars has been moved to 12:20.
Some skill changes were also made and fashion was added.

> Patch Notes
> Manual Patch
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Confusion never stops.

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-Event Changes-

*You can no longer attack your own team in Heroic Battle.
*Heroic Battle will now give a Heroic Battle Winner item, which you can trade for titles at Tournament Agent.

*New event arena added. It's flat ground below Undercurrent Hall. The chests in Sandsong will now take you there instead of Cube. Also events such as Playoffs will be there. You can also see when someone kills another player in this area;

*Weekly Tournament now has 45% chance for Spectrum Stone, 45% chance for Inscription Stone and 10% chance for Weapon Stone. These stones are not tradeable, only account stashable.

*Cube Race winner packs will now give Cube Race Tier 1-3 Winner items, which you can trade for titles on the first room of Cube.

*Sunday Nation War time changed to 12:20 server time.  Friday it's still at 20:20.

*Titles added for Battle of Races and other events.

-Skill Changes-

*Duskblade Divine Moonlight (sleep) cooldown increased to 25 seconds.
*Stormbringer Lunar Guidance is now a self-buff.
*Stormbringer Devouring Darkness (overtime paralyze) can now be purified.
*Wizard Tactical Reversion can now be used on any map.


*New fashion added to Epic Male Fashion and Epic Female Fashion NPCs.
*New eyes added; previews can be found here.
*Added a recraft for last patch flights which were 10.50m/s in forge but 7.50m/s when crafted. You can recraft them at the Event Forge.
*All Stormbringer and Duskblade weapon fashions added to NPCs.


*Added Custom Titles and weapons; they will be sent shortly after patch.
*Added Custom Name Colors.
*Updated faction icons.
*Added chi stakes, Faction Base Managers and God's Giving's to requested spots.
*Spectrum Stone added to God's Giving.

Confusion never stops.

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Neat props for sb self-buff

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Is the lag fixed already? :normal-21: :normal-21: :normal-21: :normal-21:

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Great job dude, ty for patch

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*New fashion added to Epic Male Fashion and Epic Female Fashion NPCs.
*New eyes added; Animu 5, Kitten, Little Sharingan, Rinnegan 2 and Small Desu. Previews will be made shortly after patch.
Oh ? ? ? ? Thanks for patch  :-* :-*
Mari is bae.
" B*tches be worried 'bout the wrong & I'm the wrong thing. "

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Ty for patch, man. Looks goodie.

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Happy Valentine's

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thanks for patch, double drops would be nice tho, hasn't been for a while 

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*You can no longer attack your own team in Heroic Battle.

Thank You :D