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Ehm i have som issues trying to play the game, the server shows as offline and when i try to update it says ''please chose an update server'' even tho i chose the one named ''patch'' i still get the message. It would be great with some help so i could play some today:) thx

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Read the front page of the site..It will tell you.  But if you somehow missed it..Our server is under DDoS attacks, meaning basically sometimes it works and sometimes It doesn't.  They are working on it.  Until it is solved you will experience playing \  updating ect issues..

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But my  friend is online playing right now and i cant QQ

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But my  friend is online playing right now and i cant QQ

lol  :shocked:


Sometimes i have the urge to smack people...I now have one of them urges..

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Q_Q not me mommy please not me i've been good boy well that's Exactly not true loll

p.s kidding xD

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