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Reinforcement from Great EPW players Needed


Hello fellow EPW players,

Even though this guys video proves exact opposite of what he stated in his comment, can we please drown him in thumbs downs  :P

I personally think Pservers especially EPW Rule!  :-*

Private servers are even worse than the legitimate ones at the moment. They have the same bugs with a far worse community and stupidly designed gear. The only decent one was recently ruined. Good fight p server kids.


You had me until the title. That being said...

This guy isn't relevant in any way so I wouldn't worry too much about what he says. He is right, however, about both the community and the gear. GMs on the other 2 highest voted sites are childish and arrogant. I'm not going to get into the rest of them. The players are all wannabe-factor types who, to be quite honest, weren't s*** on official and think that's going to be any different here. The gear can be ridiculous. Anyone who played Blue Dragon back in its "prime" saw that. Plus the constant QQ about autoclicking by people who were too dumb to realize what instacast meant... Long story short, private servers are a dying industry. Official isn't much better off either, though, so I guess we shouldn't feel bad.

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Bradivoy gave it some comment on YouTube. :)
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I'm going to have a talk with a mischievous brat in my household who used my nickname  ^-^

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lol zanryu says private servers are bad yet he is constantly playing on them.....

Ty Chiibi for the great Avatar and Siggy <3

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o_o wow.....................All I was thinking was, so many mirages and he didn't stack the right orbs to make it successful straight off Dx wasted my life watching that refine lol, epw refining seems sooo much faster now *_*

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Zanryu.. <3
Don't be too hard on him.
I've known that guy forever.
He just has chronic grump-ass syndrome.
It's not his fault. qq
She doesn't even go here.

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All I learned from this video is how much they fail refining

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Zan always creeped me out.

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Foolishly i sat through the whole thing watching this utter moron enhance some...boots i think? -Facepalm- My lord..people these days >.>" God save this young man so that he may move onto the gates of heaven.. Even if shot down into hell from there, may his soul rest in peace in the inner ninth most circle of hell...Amen v.v

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not his fault? not sure about what fault ur talking about  but is he acting childish? yes he is i played with Zanryu and his wana be best BM in all privat servers seen him in 5 p servers at least and 3  main servers raging tide archo and lothranis he is ridiculous haha i wouldn't really get upset about what he says as ppl commented he is irrelevant he and anyone who dislike private servers can simply  suck a d**** and not play them ^^