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Assassin basics

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Hey Guys,

Might be a repetitive subject here, but I haven't played EPW since 2013 and I read a lot of things have changed since then.
So I decided to make a demon APS Sin for PvE, but couldn't figure out the basics anymore. So what I would like to know is:

- Build: Endgame stats unequipped

- Genie: What stats and spells

- Gear: Mix Dragon and R8 is the best?

Ty all for reading and I hope for a quick reply.

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- Enough str to wear the armor then all into dex.. (154 total with ds neck on, cape etc)
- Genie : vit/mag or str with tangling, extreme poison, enrage, fortify, holypath, absolute domain, faith, rest up to u
- mix dragon(2x int wrist r8 + boots r8+ legs r8+ dragon top) unless u have 3x int wrist and 2int top so u can get 5.00 sparked full r8

Offline Paya

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Ty so much for the quick reply! Now I can get started  8)