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Hey Im New!

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im new, i was wonder how many people play this? answer please :D daily estimate please

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Average weekdays anywhere from 600-800. Weekends 900-1200

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  • I'm no good in PK X.x
Average weekdays anywhere from 600-800. Weekends 900-1200

nice  :normal-4:. i hope more new players come.
i quit barb just playin' support classes i am no good in 1v1.

i give up PK too hard everyone too stronk. i guess i'm forever noob x.x

Offline Beholde

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im new to perfect world in general o.o, would anybody show me the ropes?

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i am already glad to see how this server grows and evolves... i started here when it was at around it's 10 patch i think


Welcome to EPW, if you find me online and have questions feel free to hit me up.  :-\

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There's also more guides in the guide section on the forums; may find more then the link :o

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Welcome to EPW, hope you stick around.  We're all Some of us are a friendly bunch.  Don't let the bad apples stray you away. <3 I'm Mikau in game, see ya around!

Stay Classy.
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Hello Welcome To EpicPW :D  :-\

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Sup and WELCOME to EPW Need anything Just Pm me name is same like forum :P
Im Liquidstep and you may see  me at NS

Favorit place to  Chill there.

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Yo dawg, welcome
IGN: Superjelly - BM

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Hope u'll like this server  ;D

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Welcome to Epic !!  :smiley:
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Sup and WELCOME to EPW Need anything Just Pm me name is same like forum
Don't do it, shes full noob >:[

And more people play this than any other private server. Yes my origional account has a 1 week ban  :D
I just wanted to point that out cos im cool like that
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