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Game Crashes, Help Plz?

Offline musicat96

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Can anyone please help me? I cant seem to stay on the game for more then a few seconds. Thought perhaps I did something wrong with the installation etc.. so totally uninstalled pwi, Epic ..everything. Redownloaded everything, hoping to solve the problem of the game just closing/crashing after I get in. No, after spending the whole day redownloading and reinstalling, I can log in using my account name and pw, select my new toon or old toon goes into game and then poof game crashes/close.

I hope someone can help me

Offline PandaBear

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reinstall your directx11 xD and clear your cache aswell as restarting pc
also try re installing your drivers

hope this helps Panda!~
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Offline maniolnba

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what is somebody using win XP? no sense to install dx11.