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I need help!!.
Im trying to make a tideborn with gray body color, but even using the sites on this amazing guide, i cant make him on that color, still looks gray...
Any advice?. If it posible?. HELP!.
Was thinking of adding an extra body type for each tideborn gender/class that can be recolored normally just like the humans and elves
prolly will add it next patch if i get to it in my list

I'm insane, it's stupid

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Thanks for the info. The guide is excellent

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Sooo only recently I've been tampering a little with INI customization, and it's come to my attention that some class models (especifically Tideborn and Earthguard) don't count with ALL the customization options that "older" class models have (the original 3 races, as well as Nightshade). Upon trying some basic INI editing, I find myself partially or completely missing face textures. Being more specific, I was trying to see if I could figure a way to color lips and eye makeup on Mystics, but alas, I've had no success.

Just felt like mentioning it for any living soul out there that may have been deep into customization.
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