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Game-Play Video: How to Record/Edit/Upload.

Man,I have Fraps full version but idk how to record how many minutes i want.....MSG ME!

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Sony Vegas Pro 12 Is what I use atm ^^
Quality depends on which render quality/format you choose and having the right equip.

I will give that Adobe a try though. SVP dun have tons of support for 1600x900 displays :C

I use Vegas Pro 12 too, there are other softwares that could be even better, Adobe's is perfect, but I'm used to work with Sony, so it would be hard for me to switch. xD
Muffin link me that vegas pro(full version)

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Wow tnx btw how can i put a picture in my signature?

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pls anyone tell me idk how

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I use Corel VideoStudio Pro x5 to makeing my videos. I think this program pretty good. I mean it's user-frendly and it's easy to use it. But you can do a lot of stuff with it. I always learning something new with this program :).

Thanks for this topic, maybe I'll give a try to do some stuff in AAE. I want to try that mirror stuff :D and maybe I do a special intro before my videos :o.  If I don't miss the AAE is born to be doing like these special stuffs.
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I use vegas my grafic good, damn

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I use Bandicam and for a free programe its damn good. The only draw backs are you see the bandicam logo at the top (Which is a huge no no if you want your own channel with your own look etc) and that you can only record for 10 mins at a time. For what I do its great, anyone who wants to try their hands in screen recording I would recommend this then move to something better if you want to progress.


If I am making a video where I am talking over it then I use Windows movie maker, why? Because its simple and renders 4 times faster than Adobe Premiere (which is another programme I am using). Also you can output to full 1080 for youtube. I think Windows movie maker is underated as a programme, if you dont long intros, special effects and all that jazz, windows movie maker is the one for you! If I am making a video with music in the back ground then I will use Adobe Premiere but the rendering times are horrific. It's good for effects and other stuff too, but for the videos i make for EPW its not always necessary. I never saw the appeal of long intros saying who made it tbh, I find just to be a bit annoying (No offence to anyone who uses them) but I can see why people do them for completeness sake.

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i always wanted to make vid's too,
but i use hypercam to record my screen,
but it gives lot of bugs, and stops working after its actually recording.
and im rly bad at searching the right program,
never downloaded virus, but still too stupid to not notice if it is, or not...
any suggetions for a good movie maker program,
cuz i hate windos movie maker.
its made for oldies, that don't know another way.
or just simple vid, that ain't look cool :x

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Kick ass torrent search Fraps and DL

Here is Sony Vegas Pro 12

Anyone can teach themselves really.


wow thank uuuu!


wowwwwww thanks I learned a lot yay


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wowwwwww thanks I learned a lot yay
wow thank uuuu!

Welcome xD thanks for reading
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CamTasia fits all needs perfectly for beginner, AAE is way to hard to crack.


veri nice guide shini  :normal-42: