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[Retired] Rewrite Stone Custom Weapon Transfer

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Weapon transfers are now done in-game. For more info, visit the Gear Inscription Guide & Gear Design Guide.

With Rewrite Stone, you can transfer your custom weapon onto another weapon.

You can transfer weapons of the same type to the weapons of the same type. You are allowed to transfer untradeable weapons (R8) to tradeable weapons (nirvana, dragon etc.)

However, You can't transfer R8 bow to R8 daggers or R8 seeker sword to R8 magic sword. The weapon must be of the same base type.

If you are transferring untradeable weapon to tradeable weapons, the cost is 3 x Rewrite Stone. Otherwise, the cost is 1 x Rewrite Stone.

Mail the required amount of stones (see above) to the character myweapon then make a thread on this board

In your post, fill this form:


Character name with weapon:

Character name where to move:

Screenshot of custom weapon:

Screenshot of weapon where to transfer:


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