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Yataghan Vortex skill help

Offline starz92

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My seeker at lvl116 accidentally maxed yataghan vortex skill. I wished to use that skill to do some zhen (AOE party) but it seems that it keeps cancel channelling after a while.
Does it have to do with not have enough mana to keep up with it? However, i think my mana is enough with the charm. Current mana 2287.
If it really have to do with insufficient mana, is there any skill reset in game where i can reset it to lower level?
thanks in advance for any reply.

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Unfortunately no, so just, put some points in magic for more mp, or get an arcane helm for more mp until u lv up more and then just reset ur stats again ^^

Offline lordceric

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just put 20 points in ur magic then you should be good till your higher lvl then just re stat at end game.
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Offline Gregory

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aight this is wat you do. you take your cape . you purify it. and you put mana shards inside of it till you get where you dont need it no more. tada.

Offline rochester13

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Or you can buy a platinum mana charm at gods giving for a minuscule amount of coins and use it and not worry about mana for a while......

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Plat mp charm doesn't always work.

Probably the easiest way to get around this is to get your Lunar cape, and throw in some points in magic for a while.

Though why you'd want to go zhen when you can run through PV a few times to get the same effect... Seekers have it easy  :normal-2:

Offline Slashyy

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.... or u could just use mana pots >.< ya no 5000 mana over 10 secs i think they are

Offline zentopia

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seriously guys enough trolling he already got the answer from upper posts either shard cape or robe with mana shard or get 20 magic reset later don't confuse the guy