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Will Official Client work?

Offline clariska

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Hey all.I am busy dlding official Client through Arc.Will it work with Epic's patch?
Had problems previously with Boi running through arc had to revert to a client i had saved on DVD.

PS:Sorry i prefer Official over 3rd party clients just runs more stable in my opinion.I also don't see the need to dl new clients every time.

PPS.I am kinda hyped to get back into PWI.Last played when seeker just came out :D

Offline Agatio

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Hello. Yes, using the  PWI to EPW patch on your official Arc client will work, just follow that guide   ^-^

Offline clariska

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ah tyvm just waiting for dl to fin(i am throttled dlding on 50kbps and still got 4gb to go :'()

Offline Milan

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Welcome to server (if u r new)  :police:

Offline clariska

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tyvm if all goes well i will be logging after work.Dlded the patcher at work Fibre ftw :D

I want my barb and heavy armor veno again  :police: