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Welcome to Epic Perfect World!
To help you enjoy your stay, this guide will cover what you need to know in order to get in game and start playing!
Refer to the navigation below if you are looking for something specific.
I am bad so please don't hesitate to message me if something needs to be added or changed.

First I would like to cover site navigation since some people still ask where Helpdesk is or don't know if any GMs are on.
If you think you already know all of this then feel free to skip to the registration section.

1. This is the site's main navigation menu, this is the one you see when you are not logged in for the purpose of showing what it would look like to someone new. There are several drop-down menus with very useful links. Some of these links are repeated in the side menu(7) for those who wish to use that.

2. When you make an account and are logged in this will show your forum avatar along with other various things for that specific account such as forum private messages you have received and new replies to threads you have posted in.

3. As it says this section contains the "Latest Topics" which are threads that have most recently been posted in. They are ordered from newest to oldest starting from the top. You can also click on the section name to see all recent topics with the most recent post showing.

4. This middle section is very important, it contains any announcements made, showing the most recent at the top. These announcements are usually about ongoing events, new patches or important general updates regarding the server so please keep an eye on this!

5. Shows the online users currently viewing the site. Users who don't allow their online status to be shown will not be listed here for regular forum users. It also shows here how many guests are viewing the site. There is a secondary "Online" list if you go to "Forum" at the top and scroll to the very bottom.

6. Search function for finding information on the forums, please make use of this before posting threads about specific issues. Also try the "Advanced" option if you are having trouble finding something.

7. This is the side menu. It contains similar links from the main navigation but also a few other useful links that save time in finding things.

8. Server information regarding its online status, version and current server time and date.

9. Staff member list. If their name is blue then they are logged into their GM account. However this does not mean they are in-game or on that specific character, online status is based on the account simply being logged into.

Although making a forum account isn't required, I would recommend it in case you need help with a problem that can only be solved using Helpdesk.
Click the link for more information on Helpdesk.

To make a forum account:
- click on "Register" on the site navigation menu and click Forum Account
- simply click here
Keep in mind this account's information is completely separate from your in-game account so please write down any important information you may forget.

A game account is required to play, so you must register one.

To make a game account:
- click on "Register" on the site navigation menu and click Game Account
- click on "Register" on the side menu
- click on "User Panel" on the side menu, then register at the top
- simply click here
Any activation e-mails you receive will be from support [at] epicpw.com

Once you register your account it's time to download the client!

You can find the download page by:
- clicking "Download" on the site navigation menu and clicking Game Client
- clicking "Download" on the side menu
- simply click here

This will list all available download links. Torrents require a program to extract but can be faster than direct downloads, so choose what's best for you.

If you have a PWI client you may be able to patch over it to our version to save yourself some time, please check this link for details.

Once downloaded all you need to do is extract either the .rar or .zip file and you're done! Now you need to start the game up. To do that you go to where you downloaded the client and find the .exe files used to open the game and make your own shortcuts wherever you wish to put them.

Then open patcher.exe. This opens the patcher/launcher as it would normally and you are able to do any patches you may be missing.
Just press the start button once it lights up and the game will open.

However, if you want to multi-client you need to open the game using something else.

Then open elementclient.exe with a client already open. This will skip the launcher and go straight to opening the game.
Also in "element" are EpicPW-DirectStart.bat and EpicPW-UnfrozenBG.bat, which also skip the launcher by themselves without needing another client open.

With the game open it's time to log in and make your first character! Pick the server link with the best ping for you and then log in with your game account! All of the links are the same server, they are just for dividing traffic up so don't worry about which one you pick.

Now when you go to make a new character this is what you'll see:
There are  6 races and each has 2 classes specific to that race. To view the different races, click the big race icons on the right. To view the different classes, click the tiny class icons below the two characters shown. Each race and class have their own descriptions you can read. If you hover over the class icons it will bring up a graph showing what the class excels in.

If you need help deciding, try searching the forums for more info about a specific class or check this thread.
When you've decided, take the time to customize your character, the character creation is actually pretty decent for the game being as old as it is! If you want to get into more advanced customization check out this thread.
After you are happy with your character's looks, just pick a name and get going. Capitalization matters in names, so be careful with what you type in. Symbols and numbers are currently not allowed.

Now that you are in-game, it's time to start leveling and gearing your character! Your character will initially spawn in the Celestial Vale map, you will start with 150 gear, 200K reputation, 50% of titles, various utility items, and Sage/Demon Fairy to become Celestial Sage/Demon. To get to 150, right-click the Time Book in your inventory (B).

This will level you to 150 instantly, teleporting you to the old starting area, Spire of Awakening, and give you the third spark. Now you can use your gear, just make sure you allocate your points from leveling in your character window (C). While you're doing that since it takes a while, right-click the Geographic Map in your inventory. This will give you teleport waypoints, you'll need these to make use of your teleport stones.

At Spire of Awakening there are various useful NPCs:

- Watcher of the Earth (144, 231), accept the quest to get a genie.
- God's Giving (146, 240) has many useful items for coins and also exchange options for other currencies.
- Khoan the Survivor (146, 239), speak with him to enter Phoenix Valley, a leveling instance.
- Head Hunter (147, 238) provides a daily bounty hunt quest for specific bosses.
- Illusion Stone (146, 239) is for fast teleportation to important instances.
All of these NPCs are also available elsewhere in other cities/towns.

It would be in your best interest to learn as many skills as you can with your starting coins and spirit, or at least the important ones.
If you are planning on doing PV for coins, it would be good to get any healing and AoE skills you have. Or you can buy the Ten Billion Big Note in the boutique for 40 silver. To learn skills open your skill book (R) and press the arrows next to the skills to learn them. Some skills have prerequisites and also coin/spirit costs.

Later on you can get 79/100 skills, Sage/Demon skills, Morai skills, Primal skills and Elysium skills.
In order for you to get Sage/Demon skills, make sure you check the Cultivation Guide.
[V57: Can acquire Sage/Demon skills for 1 silver in boutique. Morai skills are 100 gold.]

You can open your own Homestead and do daily quests to obtain the materials (Elysian Seal) needed for the HS Skills
or you can buy the materials from other players for EC.
Here's the guide to open your own Homestead:

Go to Vyn Ren the Trainer NPC in west Archosaur (522 659), click on Goods / click on your class tab
Get your HS skills
Last listed skill http://prntscr.com/p61yzc is called ULTI
To use your ULTI skill you must have Subsiding Dirt in your bag.
Buy Subsiding Dirt at God's Giving / Goods / second Utility tab, last row.

If you lack spirit, go to your userpanel and click on reset your negative spirit. https://panel.epicpw.com/resetspirit.php You will be set back to 50M spirit.

*This section has mostly become obsolete with the patch that made the Time Book level to 150 instead of 110, but will be left here in case someone doesn't want to use it, or is a returning player from before the instant-150 patch.*

There are a few ways to gain levels, though it can take a while depending on what methods you take, the max level on this server is 150.

Phoenix Valley
Talk to any Khoan the Survivor NPC to enter. You can run this instance immediately at 110. You can enter with a squad or solo it. Once you enter talk to R.O.C to start. The mobs are mostly melee with some range ones sprinkled in, there is a boss at the very end as well. It can be difficult to solo on some classes so make sure you prepare with what skills you learn. There are different level brackets that increase mob levels, 110+, 125+, 135+. In order to reset the instance you need someone to invite you to squad and pass you lead, you can then do it again.

Valley of the Scarred
Good for low-leveling zhenning (constant AoE you can afk with). Speak to the Messenger of Time in the center of Archosaur, buy a Chrono Key and enter Old Heaven's Tear. Talk to the Messenger of Time inside and enter Valley of the Scarred.

Shrine of the Ancestors
Teleport to Shrine of the Ancestors(228, 229). There are [?] mobs there that can drop Epic Coins and also give a decent amount of experience, it is recommended to level and gear up a bit first.

Frostcovered City
For fast teleportation, enter from the Illusion Stone by selecting Frost Teleport. Recommended for higher levels as you need materials from this instance for 140 gear, requires a squad of at least 2 in order to start but is not required once opened.

Good for classes that have a hard time solo leveling and gives good rewards item-wise. For a full guide go here.

Leveling Scrolls
Leveling Scrolls provide the easiest way to get levels fast. However you are required to buy them from the boutique (O) with gold under the "Exp" tab, or off of other players.
Exp Scrolls are the cheapest and give the least amount of exp, Level Scrolls cost more and give more, Super Level Scrolls cost the most and give the most but require you to be level 140+ in order to use.

If you are going to use mostly Level Scrolls for leveling then check out this guide!

More useful leveling information

Now it's time to talk about currency since you'll be needing to gear up your character.

if you want an easier time starting out, it would be good to make sure you vote for the server! This not only keeps the server highly ranked on vote sites for more exposure but also gives you gold to use in the in-game boutique (O).
You can vote on two sites every 6 hours and one site every 24 hours, so make sure you keep track of when you voted last!

The boutique has a lot of useful items for those who don't have a lot of time to farm. This includes things like leveling scrolls, gear tokens, notes to sell for coins and more! There is also an event boutique, which requires event gold.
To get event gold you need to either:

- Donate to the server, then buy it off the donation shop in the User Panel
- Buy points off players in-game, then buy it from the donation shop
- Buy it directly off players in-game

If you have regular gold and want to sell event gold to people, you can buy event gold with regular gold in the boutique.

Besides gold there is a main in-game currency that is used for most things, Epic Coins, or EC.
There are many different ways to get EC so please check out this EC Guide to get you started!

You can purchase most of the equipment you will need to get started at the various forges located in West Archosaur https://prnt.sc/p648rr
Note: if you need more Mirages, you find them at God's Giving / Goods / Enhance

Go to FORGES  
  • Weapon / Tab I :
buy “attack” and “defense” weapon

  • Gears / tab (your race) :
buy “attack” and “defense” gear

  • Gears / Old :
buy your class helmet

  • Gears / Special :
buy Novice Ascended Supreme Robe - attack
buy Novice Ascended Dragon Cape – defense
buy Genie
buy attack/defence Starglade
buy a Tome
buy a set of 4 of each card

  • Accessories / Tab I :
buy “attack” and “defense” ornaments

Items for refining/sharding your new equipment are available at God's Giving

  • Shard Forge
buy +4 gems for ornaments
Refer to Accessory Geming Guide for more information

For more information on all available gear and how to get them, please refer to these Gear Guides!

If you ever run into a problem while playing there are multiple methods for getting help!

For general support it's suggested to post in the Support section of the forums.
If you'd like to report an in-game bug then post in Bugs section.
If you need support regarding an account issue, any serious matters or simply want private support then post in Helpdesk.
In Helpdesk only you and staff members can see your post and respond to your threads.

There is also the option to contact a staff member directly. Be aware of staff roles and capabilities, some things cannot be fixed by Game Masters and you may need to contact Inf.
Here is a list of current staff, click on their names to view their profiles. If you want to private message them on the forums then click "Send PM" under their avatar.

You can also contact staff in-game for a faster response. Ask for a GM in World Chat, enter the EPWSupport chatroom or directly message them.
To see if any GMs are in-game, check the staff list on the right side of the main site, if their name is blue then they are logged into their GM account. However this does not mean they are in-game or on that specific character, online status is based on the account simply being logged into.
Please be patient if you are trying to contact a GM in-game because they tend to multi-task and may not be able to answer you right away.

For further information about the game please check out the Guide to Guides.
And make sure you read the game rules!

Big thanks to Ranny, GM Maat and GM Panda for helping keep the guide up to date!
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