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broken lycaeum?

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Few days ago  i hit 130 and wanted to test pet evolution. So went to zoologist lady, she gave me daily and ported me there but it only somewhat worked- coudnt interact with guards and was only 1 dummy so..experience wasnt that great. "Maybe that's because i came there too early.?"

Next day, hit140, got actual quest  to try it, lady ports me ...but this time nothing happens. At all. Only option is to get out of there.  "So okay, maybe server has some hiccups or smth..."

Day3. Verified files (you never know)  , talk to he lady-she gives me daily, ports there, but inside AGAIN nothing. No waves spawn, and npc only offers to leave.

...did i broke it by trying to early? did that happen to anyone else? Quite upsetting.

Offline Zmora

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Lycaneum has set times when you can do the quest, nobody reads what NPCs say anymore  :-X

Can you check around what hours did you try to do it?

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Oh, i didnt check the time. Guess got spoiled by all newer games  and forget this one requires reading :-[

I do recall trying  those on different times during day (unless it's like real short timeframe), and that does not explain  1st days half-working version.
Anyway, will be more careful tomorrow.

Update:  As far as entering, yeah i did that on wrong time >.<
But still when it  starts only 1 dummy  spawns..so..yay for absolute minimum points?
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