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Is this ms bad?

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Just started today logged in then found out my ms was like 280ms ;p just wondering if any one else plays here around that and if you will be able to get into pvp at that latency.

I live in new york so im prob far away from the server idk.
Just want to pretty much know if any one else plays around that ms and if it will be capable of pvp.
Cause it says 280 ms for me that seems super high but not really lagging and i do pay for high speed net so idk if it will get worse or not lol not really noticing any lag though.
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i play with 600, u will be fine

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i live in Massachusett and my ping is around 300ms
280ms is pretty good.

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I play with 1k ms, its good O:-)

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Anything under 450 isn't bad.
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Ty for you're guys post so far the server seems good and just wanted to know if i was the only one with high ms lol but thanks for you're inputs. Lol i first got on and was like crep ima not be able to do anything lol then i walk around sometimes stutter but not that bad lol so im like yay can play fine ;p