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Today we did Capture the Flag event and noticed that sin were the ones who always got the kills from boss and also Boss dies in like 5 secs so there isnt rly chance for any caster to aggro it. I know bunch of ppl don't care for that since we had only 3 teams today and were made from Tyrants parties but i was thinking since its almost 2k17 its time to "improve" boss by setting some Higher lvl on it and anti-aps buff so there chance for everyone to aggro it. Thank you for consideration 

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nah, just get a sin lol

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well its not exactly true with a good squad and timing each boss u can easily get the agro, honestly tho i am against it and its pretty much pointless, sin is basicly only class that can freely run to the npc turning out the mat, so like it or no u gonna need one either way in ur squad. If  ur trying to turn the mat on any other class is just gonna turn into a massacre of 3 other squads constantly hiting and stuning u.  Either way i am against any changes for ctf
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tbh man, it doesnt really matter who gets the aggro, end of the day, if a team is smart a sin should pick up the flag simply cuz of tidal being so helpful in actually bringing it back to base debuff evasion, purge evasion and a good sin can be pretty tanky too, sin is the best all round carrier for flag in my opinion 

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The item drops for the Team, what i noticed is that usually is the wizard who does the damage. Viversum can confirm this ^^ i saw him doing it many times...but in the end yes...is the Assassin who picks the item.
For the Flag i think people ted to use Veno or Barb.

That's what i see, i don't participate so it's hard to judge what's better or not.