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Territory War Trainning Grounds !

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Thats right guys we are now opening Territory War area for trainning purpposes.

For your faction to train just contact any online GM and he or she will take care of the preparations.

Below we will post some rules to be followed to use this trainning area.

  • Only up to 2 Factions are able to train at the same time. This means that 1 or 2 Factions maximum can be inside this map at the same time.
  • The time inside for each Faction is of 2 hours. If the Faction inside decides to exit just contact the GM online to go end with the process. This applies for 1 or 2 Factions, if there are 2 Factions that wish to train against each other the time will still be of 2hours, we will NOT increase it to 4hours.

Some informations regarding this area:
  • Towers do not work.
  • Catapults do not work.
  • There are no crystals. (We are currently working on something similar to a killable crystal so you guys can experience it as it was a real TW to actually train it well)

*NOTE: This topic is subject to changes, so keep an eye on this to stay updated.
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This is awesome  >:D

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I your god.

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YES !! utterly brilliant !! thanks bunches for another Epic addition !! 8)
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This may help to some guilds *sigh*.

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also a gd place for 2 factions to have mass pk without interferance so ya its a exalent idea :D

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This is awesome!! Thx GM

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thank you again for awesome new content. :D

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This is a beyond awesome idea. Really give people a chance to see what TW is like on the inside.

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Brilliant thank you EPW team

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Awesomeness at it's BEST !
Again Agatio amazes us with his extraordinary ideas and abilities.

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The map has some restrictions though. We are unable to make TW map available with exactly the same rules as in normal TW. For example there is no crystal, catas and towers, because of how the game is made, it just wasn't possible to add it.  However GM can spawn some version of crystal that can be destroyed by players attacking it.
There is also some optional mode available, which is 'capture the flag'. Since the map wasn't really used for events or train, we may make it available free to use for any faction that requests it.

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This is an amazing idea Agatio. Thanks again to the EPW team  ;D

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Now if PWI thought of something like this...

Then EPW couldn't say they thought of it first xD  This is an awesome idea to help newbies and oldies alike.

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