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Favourite games?

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Mine has always been Starcraft and Dav's has always been snakes and ladders (but he thinks snakes are the good ones), what about you guys?


they say super mario is a great game idk :normal-8:

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When I was younger, I really enjoyed Clue.
But console-wise, the SSX series.

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Currently my favorite games are:

World of Warcraft : Legion

The Elder Scrolls : Skyrim

Yep that's about it.

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BDO before P2W

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Civilization V, haven't tried VI yet

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Stronghold Crusader, Skyrim and DOTA
always bring back good memories  :))

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Battlefield 1 and 4, Fifa :-X
random quote here with no meaning.

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kitty stew

some of the shit I've played in the last few months

on PC:
GTA4 (prefer it over 5)
Starcraft/Brood Wars (wife and I play this once in a blue moon, got her into it)
N64/GC/Wii emulator: Mario Party 3-8 (wife and I love these)

on Phone and Tablet:
MyOldboy GB emulator (Golf)
NES.emu (Megaman 2-5, Base Wars, Tecmo Bowl, Mario 2/3, Monopoly, Punchout, RC Pro-AM, Maniac Mansion, Excitebike, Dr. Mario, Super Off-Road)
Plague Inc
Date Ariane (still think this game is hilarious)
Pinball Fantasy (the green pinball table crashes on me a lot, and its my fav x.x, I think it's mostly cuz of fking Google Play/Games and retarded ad system)

Browser games:
Traveler IQ/Geography
Fantastic Contraption
JetPunk trivia/quizzes
Muslim Suicide Bomber Flash game (like 15 years later this game is still addicting)

and of course we have a giant arcade style DDR pad because wife likes to go DDR strange still (typical Asian).. I absolutely ***ing suck at it

(as you can see none of these are MMO's because I'm tired of them)
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  • this is great, i cant wait, am hungry am about to eat some steak
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red alert
age of empires

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Sad this the only game+smite on my laptop.
these hoes aint shit


Stronghold Crusader, always bring back good memories  :))
Hahaha bro played that game around 07, legendary game :D

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Old runescape
Ratchet and Clank series

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LoL , HiT, AU mobile