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Hey guys, Im joining the server and will be a cleric, few questions though.

1.Is the PvP okay? Or is there any "Overpowered" advantages that another class can have over the other?

2.How long does it usually take to get completely geared/all skills to lvl 10 (Such as how many coins/SP you start with?)

3.If I get stuck, who can I pm in game?

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1:The PVP here is very balanced. Some classes are stronger at certain things than others but each class definitely is usefull. A cleric, for example, is not the ideal choice for 1v1 fights. They do however shine in mass pvp.

2: This depends. Getting skills to level 10 should be easy. You can run a few PV's and get that done. Getting your sage/demon, 79, 100 & morai books may take a bit longer but it's definitely not extremely difficult. (Morai has been sped up here compared to PWI and the books are tradable.) The gear is also a bit of work but with current prices you can get pre-sharded dragon gear (lvl 150) for about 100 ec. Id say it'd take a few days/weeks at most depending how much you play.

3: There are usually GM's online that can help with questions, if not there's always worldchat.

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1. Yes, the pvp is ok. There is not "OP" class, each class can counter another.
2. The average time for getting the complete "Dragon Gear" set and the max lvl (150) would be around 2 weeks if you're active, even less maybe. Starter lvl is 110 and you get a decent amount of spirit on the start but not much coins. You  can farm coins for start in the OHT maps or PV (Pheonix Valley).
3. If you have problems try asking for help on WC or you can check whoch GM is online on www.epicpw.com

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Welcome to EPW. clerics are great. like they said, you can get to 150 easily depending on how active you play and dragon gears are sold  in Kitty Shops and World Chat.  ;D
i quit barb just playin' support classes i am no good in 1v1.

i give up PK too hard everyone too stronk. i guess i'm forever noob x.x


;) Welcome to EPW.Like the others said before,there is no op class,if you know your class very well,you can beat many others ^^.Also,clerics do shine because they shine others too :P :tiger-4: :tiger-48: :tiger-4:

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Welcome to the best server! EPW's like the most user friendly server out there. Everything here is simple and even a nub like me can get things going.

Pretty easy to get gear if you're dedicated into farming and PvP is somewhat balanced.
As for being a cleric, its a great choice IF you know how yo play it. They rape in 1v1's if played right and they're obviously loved in Mass Pk

Have fun :DD