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T>MY Ring TO?

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T>My Atack lvl 4 Might Ring =

=DS PhyDef atack2 dex11 + Element DS Atack 2 Dex 10
+Phydef WS atack 2 Dex 10+WS Elementdef atack 2 Dex11
+PuzzlePhyDefDef 2 Str11+PuzzleElementDef Def2 Str11
+ElementWSDef2 Str11+WSphyDef Def2 Str11
+MightRing atack2 dex 11
OR 250k EC
Thats all i want for my Atack lvl4 Just PM me here Or ingame -LupiN
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Just keep the ring.. 

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I will buy it.
Volim teeee Araaaaa <333333
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buying the ring will waste less xD