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Soul of Silence - self cast only?

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Please give me yes or no, possibly with some reason why, I want to know your opinions before or if should I apply this change.

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SoS cata barb OP...imo having SoS on barbs on this server is way too much tho since they have so much resistances and HP its like getting thru such a strong barrier. if you dont have the power to kill them fast then they wont die which is a good reason to have SoS selfcast only.

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i would have to agree self cast only


Yes, selfcast only would balance the pk a little more, getting a seeker or a barb SoS buff makes them to hard to kill.

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As much as this pains me to say (coming from a former psychic on PWI), yes.

This server's endgame is all about the PK.  And while I haven't experienced it in depth just yet, I can understand why people would want Soul of Silence self cast only.  Psychics have ridiculous soulforce (hence why weapons can't be refined, imagine if they could be), and they can seal an aps char to the point where they would never be able to attack.  Having a 20%-ish chance to seal on attack is a lot, especially for aps chars.

What may end up happening is a bunch of psychics (or psychic alts) ragequitting their psychics, but people are making psychics to just buff other chars, like seekers and barbs, both of which are a pain in the ass to kill).  Where's the balance there?  Sure there's a genie skill that can combat it, but with how often soul of silence procs, your genie will be on cooldown half the time. 

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Omg no plzzzzz How I pk with no SoS?? /rq

Sarcasm aside, pretty much anyone here will say SoS should be kept self buff (even though they use it on other classes). It doesn't imbalance pk that much, well as a caster class it isn't much of a pain to kill an archer or an assassin with soul of silence. However, I must point out to how this will benefit aps classes more as psychic isn't hard class to kill and other classes won't be able to have it now. However, it really should be kept self buff, even though it wasn't its original state. It will benefit aps classes, but hopefully it will balance the game more and there will be one more slot for a genie skill knowing that we won't have to deal with SoS that often.

And yeah, this thread will get a bunch of troll posts once someone comes and says that it should be left the way it is.

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SoS should be self cast only. There is no reason any other class should have that buff. please go ahead n make that self cast only :D

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yes please .......when given to other classes it in a matter of speaking unbalances the game

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Yes selfcast only please.  I'm sick of seeing catabarbs with SoS
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lol. yes it should be only be self psy buff.

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Yes Because I am tired of everyone having it in TW Q-Q

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but without soul of silence, MaximumArmar will probably quit the server.  :sad:

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^ that made me lol.

I do feel bad for him always getting killed after farming ec. Last time me and my hubby killed him we gave it back :D

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SoS should only be a self buff..Main reason it can't be purged.  Every TW the barbs, clerics, ect use it..Not much fairness there.

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Self-buff only, obviously. The only reason people can put up with it VS a psy is because they're squishy outside of white. A barb or seeker with it is just...damn x.x.