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Cannot Learn skill Archangels of Justice

Not sure why I can't learn this skill :/  I already have the Angels of Justice skill.  I've also did my full sage cultivation to see if that would solve the problem, no luck.  I've also checked at the Sage seeker trainer, as well as the normal skill trainers, the skill isn't showing up even greyed out, though I have enough spirit, coin and the book itself.

If anyone can shed any light on this it would be appreciated.

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i wanna say the only skill trainers you can learn it are the ones in thousand streams. I could be wrong but worth a shot :)

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Youve deffinetly got the 3rd fairy right? I don't play seeker but just wondering... Or maybe you have the wrong book? I've seen demon books with yellow writing which can be misleading.
Yep got 3rd Fairy, and the Archangels of Justice has got purple writing (the Angels of Justice is yellow, which I already learnt).  And the culti requirement is the same, Aware of Vacuity, which is why I'm puzzled :)

Ancient, yeah I tried there too, no go :(  Thanks for the replies guys.

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not sure but i know i've had tÿ go to the trainer for my particular culti (heaven or hell skill trainers) just like with normal books.. not sure but maybe you need to find someone in morai to learn those? ???

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sage/demon cultivation is irrelevant as angels is a corona skill and archangels its an EU skill, they don't even require a first fairy of either culti, if you alrdy >learned< angels of justice I don't see any reasson why you couldn't learn archangels, its supposed to be able to learn at ANY trainer, yet try the ones at 1k (not the ones in heaven/hell since its not a sage/demon skill) if everything seems to be right and still u can't learn it the only question left to ask seems quite stupid but I've been retarded enough to do this so Ill ask anyways: ->Are you sure you haven't learned it yet?  :-\

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idk why this would be the case but by some odd chance is your client outta date and have you tried re-logging and restarting computer. i know most likely not the solutions but hey worth a shot if you tired everything else xD. only thing i can think of that hasnt been said already update, restart, and relog lol. gl :3
Czraka, I can't recall any skill trainers in Morai, but I'll go look!

Piledriver, I've checked my skills and got the first level of Angels of Justice (which is in yellow), but I am still going to check again lol, cos I've been known to miss the obvious too ;)

AOH, I'm gonna try verifying, I think my client is uptodate, but anything is worth a shot as you said!

Thanks for your suggestions guys, if all else fails I'll pm Aga with the issue :o

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just to make sure, did u finish ur culti inside GV ? that part where u need to kill a guy thats hanged on the digging area.

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just to make sure, did u finish ur culti inside GV ? that part where u need to kill a guy thats hanged on the digging area.

She doesn't need the culti at all. I know it because I already got all spells on my seeker
I don't have any answer to that problem though, all things which could be wrong are mentioned already